What Kind of Wood Is Best for Knife Handles

The kind of wood that is best for knife handles depends on a number of factors, including the type of knife you are using it, how often you plan to use your knife, and the environment in which you will be storing your knives.

If you’re using a chef’s knife or other sharp kitchen utensils that need to cut hard materials like meat, then oak may be the better option. However, if your knives will primarily be used for cooking vegetables and fruit, then pine or bamboo would likely be a better choice.

Best Wood for Knife Handles

Thousands of people also loved just like any other art. The ones who put their 100% creativity in their work would always go for various designs and structures.

Now, some may think the blade of a knife is the most important part of a knife. We think differently about this statement. A folding knife is harmful and unpleasant to use when the handle is crusty, or rough on the hands.

That’s why an experienced knife maker always looks for quality wood to use for bone handles. In this article, we are going to help you with this topic. We have researched and prepared the Top 5 Best wood for knife handles.

This should help beginners to know about buying wood for making knives. This brief journey will also help with choosing the right wood for your upcoming knives, so spend your free moment with us. It’s free!

Here Is The List of the Top 5 Best Wood for Knife Handles

In this section, we are going to have a glance at the items. Later on, we will talk about these items in more detail.

Now, let’s look at the items briefly now. We will explain the quality of the scales, including the information about what you will be receiving.

1. Untreated Wood – (JLM) Payne Bros, 5 Pack

Wood type: Untreated raw hardwood.

The package includes 5 variations of wood.

As we have been practicing knife set making, we always look for quality and variations. The Untreated Wood – (JLM) Payne Bros, 5 Pack offers the exact thing we look for.

This package includes 5 types of 1 ½ x 5 ½ x 5/16 to 3/8+ inches of wood that are cut to perfection. This seller also offers us to choose 5 types of natural wood among 15 different textures and colors. We also know that untreated wood makes the best wood handle for the best chef knife scale.

As we have stated, the wood is untreated and needs to be treated by making tool handles for knives. About the quality of the woods, they are simply perfect for every boning knife maker.

The perfectly cut pieces are significant for helping beginners. Newcomers know little about wood choices and with this certain seller, any person and any age of people can achieve success in DIY knife projects.

2. Black Walnut Wood Knife Scales, 20 Pack

Wood type: Black walnut wood

Package includes: 20 pieces of walnut wood scales

This one is for the ones who prefer dark hardwood for their knife handles. The Black Walnut Wood Knife Scales, 20 Pack offers the customers a variety of dark walnut wood pieces.

The size of these individual pieces is 5″ x 1-1/2″ x 3/8″ inches. Anyone who wants dark walnut handles for personal or professional knife-making projects can buy this package without hesitation.

The best part of this package is. It comes with distinct patterns that make each and steak knife unique. These pieces are also air-dried but contain 9% moisture. These pieces are also suitable for making handles for tools. If you need to repair your knife or make knife handles.

This is also a perfect option to choose from. If you find the product is defective, you can always get another package completely free with their money-back guarantee. Although, this service only lasts for 60 days of the purchase.

3. Bookmatched Handle Blank Exotic Knife Scales Wood

Wood type: Crosscut Zebrawood
The package includes a pair of crosscut zebrawood scales

For hunting knives, we look for good quality wood that will last over a long period. Besides the blade, we also need a comfortable handle to use in wildlife. In a hunting knife, we need a tough handle and in order to get that; we need a good pair of wood scales.

The Bookmatched Handle Blank Exotic Knife Scales Wood is a good choice for a hunting knife handle. Because this wood has low moisture, low humidity, and a tough texture.

The pattern on this wood makes the kitchen knife handles look profound for hunting. Because of the high humidity of the wood, it will remain its look and quality even after getting drenched in water.

4. Buddha4all Resin Knife Scales Streaked Pair Handles

Type: Resin

Package includes a pair of resin scales. (13 combos to choose from)

Buddha4all Resin Knife Scales Streaked Pair Handles offers us one of the best scales for paring knife making. The manufacturer designed these scales to look stylish and fancy. There are 13 different combos you can choose from.

Each of these resin scales is durable and can be shaped in every way. We can use these scales for hunting knives, building optical frames, tiles for inlaid appliances, and many more. The toughness of these scales is like wood scales, so it will be quite easy for you to work with them.

Another thing we like about resin scales is that in wildlife, the chances of these resin handle survival knife are pretty high. They don’t get spoiled in water and remain intact while handling animals.

But, the only downside of resin is, if you throw this near fire, it will melt and cause black smoke. Well, even wood will burn in fire. We should always carry the knives in a side pocket knife for maximum safety.

5. Maragos Wood Bookmatched Exotic Wood Knife Scales

Type: Wood

The package includes One pair of wooden knife scales.

Last but not least, we have another pair of exotic wood scales that are going to impress many of you who are looking for simple designs.

The Maragos Wood Book matched Exotic Wood Knife offers us a pair of solid wood scales that will surely make durable handles for knives. You can use these scales for hunting knives, butter knives, keyrings, and many more.

The bright color of these scales gives a knife silky look with some modern vibes. So, if you are looking for exotic simple knife scale, this is the one for you.

How To Choose The Best Wood for Knife Handles for You

In knife making, the knife handle plays a huge role. The blade determines how sharp knife and effective the knife will be. The handle decided how comfortable the knife will be on the hands.

As a wise person said, “a knife is only a tool. The one who handles it has the full power of it.” W=No matter how sharp a blade is, we need a good quality handle.

In this section, we will point out the things you need to know before buying knife handle scales and materials. Also, we will talk about the Best finish for knife handles.

If you are new to knife making, this will help a lot. So, keep reading.

Make a decision. Do you want wooden knife handle? Or do you prefer something else like resin? This decision is important because this will be the finishing of your knife. After you’ve chosen the type of scale you want, it’s time to decide on colors and patterns if you want them on your scales.

Diameter is another crucial part of knife handle making. Without measuring, you can buy small scales that will not cover your knife properly. You can’t buy huge scales. Those will be hard to work with. You need to buy scales that are a little bigger than the actual measurement. So be sure of the measurements.

  • It is always best to talk to someone who has experience in knife making. A friend, a relative anyone you have around will be a great help. They can tell you what type of scale is best for your start.
  • It is not a terrible choice to buy wood-making materials from an online shop. But you have to be careful about authenticity. There are many websites that promise to provide high-quality items for a good amount of money. They bait people and scam their money. It is always best to buy products from amazon. Our links are 100% safe and efficient.


Why untreated wood is better for knife handles?

As we are making knives for a long time, we know the value of good quality untreated wood. Untreated wood scales are easy to work with. It doesn’t get solid hard.

The wooden texture helps you to carve the wood effortlessly. So, untreated wood is best. But, treated wood is also not bad. Treated wood requires care while carving.

Are resin scales safe for knife handles?

Resin scales come in many shapes and sizes. Resin scales are more stylish and customizable. As we know, resin is plastic. Resin knife handle scales are pretty unique.

If you can find a seller that has experience in making resin scales, you can try using one. You know that treating resin scales is way different from treating wooden scales. Other than all of that, resin scales are completely safe for making knife handles.

How many coats of finisher should I use for knife handles?

Before deciding on the number of coats, you need a good quality finisher. A finisher seals the handle design and creates a barrier that will protect your knife. Also, if you are making a knife for business, the finisher will seal the branding on your knife smoothly.

What should I know before making knives?

You should always know the basics of making a knife. A knife requires a harp and a long-lasting blade. Now, the knife handle material of the blade varies on your budget and metal choice. The more you pay, the better and sharper knife blade you get. 

After deciding on what type of blade you want, it’s time for the handle. As we have said many times, handles are a crucial part of a knife.

You can get the utility knife scales from our suggestion, but you will need a wonderful machine to carve the scales. You will also need a finisher to coat the handle for better grip and shine.

Is the knife making safe?

Making knives come with many risks. You’ll be working with blades. And the blade-making process requires extreme heat and bug machines.

You’ll be cutting and carving stuff. It surely comes with many risks. But, in this era, there are many gadgets that allow you to work with knives more safely.

Gloves are a must while working with knives. Making knife handles and attaching it is also requiring focus and care. So, yes, knife block making is risky. But if you are careful, the risks are not high.

Which wood is best for a dark knife handle?

If you are looking for dark-colored knife handles. You should definitely go for walnut wood scales. They have a rich dark chocolate color that goes really well with bright knife blades.

If you want a darker reddish-brown color, mahogany wood should be the number one choice. It is naturally durable and lasts longer than you think.

Best wood for hunting knife handle?

For budget hunter knife handles, you can use beech and oak wood. For a fancier look, you can white oak wood and walnut wood. Both are durable and sturdy.

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about knife making and the best wood for knife handles. This is a topic we don’t read about often. We have researched and listed these knife scales for our dear visitors.

Before publishing the items, we tested them. We always put you first for priorities. Thank you for supporting us.