How To Install Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate floors

How To Install Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Floors? Floors are a major part of the house that gets the most pollution.

That is why it is so important to keep doing wet cleaning, especially when there are young children in the house. However, frequent washing of the floor takes a lot of time and effort.

Fortunately, there is a technique in the modern world that simplifies this monotonous and dirty job. Such wonderful gadgets include a washing vacuum cleaner.

This allows you to optimally clean the floor in a short time. But is it possible to use a washing function technique for such a whimsical material as a Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate floors?

How To Install Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Floors

What Should a Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Floors Be

What Should a Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate floors Be

– Above all, you have to pay attention to what is stated in the manual of such a vacuum cleaner. Select options for cleaning the laminate or combined devices.

– The performance of the vacuum cleaner, which can be cleaned without fear of laminate, should not be less than 450 watts.

– It is desirable that the device be able to remove contaminants not only from a flat and smooth laminate but also from other, more complex surfaces. To do this, the vacuum cleaner needs different nozzles.

– Pay attention to the wheels on which the vacuum cleaner moves. So that these elements do not scratch the floor, they must be rubberized.

Is It Possible To Use a Vacuum Cleaner for Floors and Tiles?

Is It Possible To Use a Vacuum Cleaner for floors and Tiles?

A vacuum cleaner is a device that makes the daily work of many modern housewives considerably easier. However, the owners of carpets, laminate, tiles, and parquet do not yet know whether it is possible to use washing technology for their floor coverings.

It is impossible to give a definitive answer to this question because it all depends on the quality of the material your floor is finished with.

Floors coated with laminate can only be vacuumed if the material used has a high level of humidity. This can be determined by recognizing the brand and type of laminate.

If you have moved into an apartment where laminate has already been laid and you have no documentation of the moisture resistance, you can check the interaction with the vacuum cleaner by treating the area of the flooring in an inconspicuous place.

Which Washing Vacuum Cleaner Is The Best To Choose for a Laminate?

To use the Vacuum Cleaner for floors without hesitation, it is necessary to choose a suitable model for this purpose. The best option is a technique specially designed for such work, but you need to pay attention to other features.

How To Use a Washing Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate and Carpet

The lifespan of your floor depends not only on the quality of the material from which it is made and the vacuum cleaner used but also on how correctly you carry out the cleaning process yourself.

In contrast to carpets, for whose cleaning only a powerful and high-quality device is required, some nuances must be taken into account when cleaning the laminate.

Nuances of Cleaning The Laminate:

If you use a cleaning vacuum cleaner to clean the laminate, rub all the seams on the floor with a special spatula.

Do not use the steam generation mode to clean the laminate even if it is on your vacuum cleaner.

If you find that the device does not work with the automatic drying function, wipe the laminate with a dry, soft cloth after washing.

The higher the quality of the vacuum cleaner, the fewer nuances you need to consider when cleaning an apartment.

If you are thinking of buying such a device, then do not worry about the cost instead get a version that has good reviews.

How Can You Avoid Dirt from The Start?

Avoiding dirt right from the start is best. Because small stones, street dirt, and sand under the soles of the shoes look like sandpaper on the laminate. To avoid this, you should replace the street shoes with soft slippers in the entrance area without exception.

Or only walk on socks on floors with underfloor heating, if you like. Even large sisal or coconut mats in front of the front door clear the shoes of coarse dirt before they enter. Stiletto heels, pimples, and dark soles in the apartment should be avoided on the laminate.

Table, chairs, and other furniture feet should be equipped with felt pads and mobile furniture such as office chairs should have soft castors. These are available at the hardware store or from the furniture manufacturer as accessories.

Animals can also easily scratch their claws by romping and playing on the laminate. This is not good for the floor or for your animal.

Because the animals slip easily and dislocate quickly, the laminate receives damage that is very difficult to repair. So it’s best to have fun with loved ones outside and avoid the laminate in the apartment as a playground.

Do Not forget To Seal The Laminate After Laying

How to Seal The Laminate After Laying

Many people lay or have a laminate floor installed and then it is already in use. But there is still a crucial process that you can do for the preservation and longevity of the laminate. TO SEAL! This should be done immediately after laying.

This is particularly important if your floor has many joints, as is the case with click laminate, for example.

Water can penetrate the small cracks and over time cause the chip material, of which the covering is largely made, to swell. However, only specially prepared preparations should be used for this.

Over time, you can always refresh your laminate and repeat the sealing. For this, you can use preparations that are combined with a cleaner. So your laminate floor stays as new for a long time.

The Right Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate

central vacuum system installation
Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate

To ensure a scratch-free and gentle cleaning of the laminate, your future vacuum cleaner should have a few things:

There must be two settings on the universal nozzle of the vacuum cleaner so that the laminate is cared for gently. The brush ring must be able to be pushed out onto the laminate when vacuuming.

Brush wreaths made of natural hair are best suited here. This setting is necessary to avoid scratching through the flat nozzle.

With the flat setting, dust and dirt would also be pushed in front of the nozzle for a while, which could lead to scratches on the laminate.

Make sure that the nozzle does not tilt. Because it is no longer flexible in the joint and can cause scratches or serious damage to the laminate.

Remove small stones or other coarse dirt before vacuuming. Because here too, scratches can occur if the nozzle moves over it.

Ensure good suction efficiency. This has nothing to do with the incoming wattage, but it relates to the interaction of a good motor with the other components of the vacuum cleaner such as seals, nozzles, etc.

The energy label has a classification label for hard floors, among other things. Choose a hard floor cleaning class “A” here!

A weak vacuum cleaner may not be able to suck up all the dirt the first time it is vacuumed and therefore spreads it around the home by pushing it forward with the nozzle.

The nature of the rollers is also important when vacuuming on laminate. If these are made of soft material, sand and stones can settle here, which then leaves scratch marks when the vacuum cleaner for laminate is moved over the floor.

Further Cleaning of Stains

However, only the superficial dirt can be removed with the vacuum cleaner. If there are still stains on the laminate after vacuuming, you need to use other cleaning agents.

It is best to tackle the stain with lukewarm water. If there are more stubborn stains, there are special cleaners for laminate.

But be careful – too-sharp cleaners can destroy the color of the laminate or make the laminate appear matt in places. And never too wet on the laminate, standing water cannot remove the laminate at all.

Is a Parquet Nozzle Necessary?

A parquet nozzle is not necessary for cleaning the laminate. However, you cannot do anything wrong with this. There is no real difference between the brush ring of the universal nozzle and a parquet nozzle.

The parquet nozzle is, of course, provided with a soft insert to avoid scratching the surface, but a good brush wreath (these are also available with natural hair) is not worse.

The only thing that comes to mind is that vacuuming without extending the brush ring with a parquet nozzle is avoided.

You usually get the parquet nozzles as accessories. That means additional costs. Try the universal nozzle of the Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate floors.

If you are not satisfied with this, the parquet nozzle can be purchased at any time. Have the dealer confirm this beforehand.

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