Ways To Conserve The Amount Of Tissue Paper You Need Every Day

The global COVID-19 pandemic is making people feel uncomfortable and insecure about their daily needs. People need to buy basic things to live their lives comfortably in isolation.

So, they are trying to stock them up in enough amounts at home. One such thing is toilet paper, which is in short supply right now. As societies, we have the responsibility to conserve them so that everyone could use them according to their needs.

How to Conserve Toilet paper?

How to Conserve Toilet paper?

Everywhere in the world, toilet paper stocking at home is becoming common. They are short in almost every market you would visit. So, here we are to help you learn about how to conserve tissue paper.

The different ways of conserving it will reduce your need for toilet paper. Also, it will allow you to use what you already have for a longer time.

Reusable Cloth Wipe

You can use old cloth and make wipe pieces or buy special ones from the market. It is just like a cloth diaper that we use for babies, so the idea is not alien to any of us.

You can keep a basket or other container near the toilet flush and toss the used one into it. Wash it like a diaper once you are done with the cleaning.

For some people, using the cloth wipes for poop would be a very gross idea. For such people, it is possible to just use it for urine cleaning while toilet paper for poop.

It is not only a cheap and environment-friendly option but a great way to conserve them for needy people in a pandemic.


The cloth is smooth, soft, and a better absorbent in comparison to any good-quality toilet paper. Above all, they can help you conserve toilet paper, which is more than a basic need for many people in COVID-19 times.

Use Portable Bidet

If you want to conserve toilet paper, another simple way of doing this is to use an alternative. It should be an affordable option and practical at the same time.

So, the concept of portable bidet is the replacement of toilet paper. It is quite affordable as you can buy it for less than 10 dollars. You can even make one for yourself at home.

All you need to do is to add water into the plastic bottle, or some soda bottle that you used previously. Now, you can insert the bidet cap over it.

You can squirt it where you need cleaning. There will be no mess or fuss in the process. Also, it will leave that area neat and clean, just like toilet paper does.

Rinse with Water

Another way of conserving toilet paper is to use a small amount of them. Well, you can do that by using water to rinse that body area.

It is especially possible when you use the bathroom for liquid excretion. It is better to rinse with water rather than waste multiple pieces of toilet paper to clean that area.

It will not only conserve water but also cleans you perfectly. You should do it if you have a huge toilet paper shortage in your area.

Try to leave a few rolls for people who need them more than you. Using water is probably the best way if you want to know how to conserve tissue paper.

In many parts of the world, people are still using just water and their hands to clean off those body parts. If you want to conserve toilet paper, even cloth wipes for needy people, this would be the best way.

Keep this as an option when your surrounding is in a state of panic and shortage of this basic thing.

Old Newspaper/Book Pages

This is also an idea to conserve toilet paper, but it can offend many people as well. But if someone is in absolute need of it, it can prove to be a great option.

You have to just figure out which book is no longer in your loss, and you can afford to ruin it like this. Newspapers become useless after one read-only, so there is no problem in choosing them.

Just keep in mind one thing that the newspaper and book page material could be hard and harsh for your skin. Those body areas are also sensitive, so try to use them gently on your skin.

You must take enough time to use them. Also, dispose of them by dumping them into the waste dustbins. Flushing them can cause trouble in the sewerage system.

Tree Leaves

Some people would call it disgusting, but in reality, it is one of the finest ways of conserving toilet paper. The leaves are easy to use and available in large amounts.

They are soft and comfortable in use as well. You can save a lot of money by reducing your water use and expenses on toilet paper.

Try to use tree leaves that are soft and have a wide surface area so that you can use them comfortably. There is no doubt about the fact that some leaves have small pricks on them that can make you uncomfortable.

You have to avoid such leaves as they can cause a problem for you which is bigger than conserving toilet paper.


We are sure that now you must be clear about how to conserve toilet paper. Before the pandemic, there was no such thing as toilet paper conservation.

However, time is changing and toilet paper has become a bigger need than ever before. The whole world cannot rely on just toilet paper supply in such conditions.

Therefore, we need to find ways through which we can conserve toilet paper. We hope that our suggestions will prove to be of great advantage to you.