Ultimate Guide to Clean a Mr. Coffee Keurig

Are you using Mr. Coffee’s machine, and your morning coffee is not tasting good? Well, you surely need to learn how to clean a Mr. Coffee Keurig to fix this problem. The dirt in the carafe, lid, and filter along with germs and water deposited in the coffee machines.

According to NSF International, these deposits make the coffee machine the fifth germiest item in the kitchen. The book “Did you just eat that?” mentions that the presence of germs is more on the coffee maker in comparison to the bathroom faucet handle. It shows that you should clean it after daily use, as well as schedule deep cleaning once a month.

How to Clean a Mr. Coffee Keurig?

How to Clean a Mr. Coffee Keurig

Here we will learn every step for regular cleaning and deep cleaning. This information will be more than enough for you to maintain the quality of the coffeemaker and the taste of the coffee.

Regular Cleaning

Carafe Cleaning

Take the carafe out and rinse it with water. Add some soap and wash gently with a sponge. Now rinse again and dry with a clean cloth. Also, if you see the stain and other deposits on the surface, you can use a brush to take them off.

Filter Basket Cleaning

First of all, you have to clean the filter baskets. Take it out and rinse thoroughly with tap water in your kitchen. If there are any stains, then use mild dish soap to remove them. Now rinse the basket one more time and out it back.

Lid Cleaning

Regular lid cleaning is very important, especially on the inner side. You will see spray heads on the inner side. Their main use is to pour water on coffee. It is very important to thoroughly clean them before they start deposition of water into the heads.

Wipe off Spout

Coffee pours into a jug through a spout. You can simply take out the jug to clean the spout surface. You can use a sponge with warm water or mild dish soap. After cleaning dirt, dust, and coffee residues, wipe off with a clean sponge and put the carafe back.


In the end, you have to polish the outer side of the machine. Take a wet and clean sponge to wipe off dirt and deposits from the control panel and base of the machine.

Now just dry the wet surfaces with a dry towel. This is how to clean Mr. Coffee Keurig on a regular basis to avoid any issues with your coffee taste.

Deep Cleaning

Here are a few steps that will help you learn how to clean Coffee Keurig deeply:

– Turn off the machine, and let it cool down. In the meantime, gather all cleaning essentials, such as dish soap, warm water, vinegar, a sponge, and a dry towel.

– Now remove the carafe and filter to remove coffee leftovers. As you are done with emptying the contents, use a sponge, warm water, and dish soap to clean the stains and deposits.

– In this step, mix vinegar and water in equal proportion. You can do this by using a measuring cup, or maybe if the carafe of the coffee maker has measurements, use it.

– The cleaning function on the machine will help in the removal of hard water from the machine. All you need to do is to select the cleaning function button on the coffee maker. The machine will start the cleaning process which will take almost an hour.

– Now remove the filter basket. Remove vinegar water and add clean water. After one brewing cycle, turn off the machine. Rinse this water, and the machine is thoroughly clean for you to make an amazing cup of coffee.

Extra Notes

– When you are brewing coffee with Keurig, make sure you never use distilled water.

– Make sure you clean the entry and exit needles.

– Debris deposition can clog the waterline. You can use a straw for additional forced air to unclog it.


Over the period, regular use of coffee results in germs, yeast, molds, and hard water deposition in the carafe, lid, and spout of the coffee maker. So, you need to clean this machine regularly.

We are sure that the above information is enough for you to thoroughly learn about how to clean a Coffee Keurig. Start today, and enjoy amazing coffee daily.

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