Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair Review of 2024

Playing games is good and all, but what about the chair you’re using to sit on when you’re playing games? Is it good? Because normal chairs won’t be able to put up with your hours of game playing. Why? Normal chairs are not designed to be sitting upon for hours. You’d get body pain, especially back pain.

So, do you want to suffer from such inconvenient problems? Or do you want to switch your chair? If you want to switch your chair to a more comfortable one, I have just a suggestion for you.

Wondering what chair could be comfortable enough to not raise any pain whatsoever? Well, your worry comes to an end here.

Because I’m going to suggest a very special couch that can enhance your gaming experience. The Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair review is such kind of awesome product for you.

In this article, I’m going to give you a full detailed Homall Swivel Leather Gaming Chair. By this, you can know about my claims and why this gaming chair is my favorite among all other gaming chairs on the market.

Now, I’m going to talk about one of the best gaming chairs, the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair.

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair

Best Choice
Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair
Key features:
  • The density of the shaping foam is high.
  • Thick and sturdy frame made up of steel.
  • SGS verified class 3 gas lift
  • Doesn’t make any sound while rolling
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • Harmless for skin
  • Durable internal frame and wheels

Homall executive swivel chair review is a brand that manufactures and trades special kinds of chairs such as gaming chairs, office chairs, bar stools, and dining chairs. Other than that, they have other categories of furniture for your home, outdoors, fitness, and toys.

The main target of Homall is to sell top-quality products with safe, comfortable, and durable items. To ensure a top-quality product, Homall employees choose top-quality raw materials.

They pick out the best items and verify their quality with the manufacturers themselves. For this reason, their products fulfill the international quality standards that ensure the best quality for customers all over the world.

Homall chair review has all the features you might need in a gaming chair. Starting from its structure, build, and design, all the way to its function, this chair is genuinely what you need for your long gaming sessions.

The foams in the chair are so thick that you’d feel like you’re sinking deep into the chair, that’s how comfortable this chair is!

The fabric and material of the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair are of exclusive quality with such a price range. You won’t find another comfortable chair with such leather and fabric as it has.

So you can like it. Moreover, its innovative technology and ergonomic design will not only give you comfort but also enhance your gaming experience.

Homall Leather Gaming Chair Reviews: Internal Design and Configuration

homall gaming chair review

As I said before, the design and materials used for manufacturing the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair are very exclusive in terms of its ergonomics and premium quality.

The way it’s designed, you’d have an undoubtedly cool gaming experience. Let us know more about its build and structure as we further go down the review.

Structure and Frame:

Some parts of the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair are made with mainly composite aluminum. However, there are some parts made of carbon fiber that empower its internal structure.

As a result, the inner structure of this gaming chair is much more flexible and lightweight in comparison with other chairs.

The chair is super sturdy, and you can get its proof with its overall stability. This allows the Homall Executive Gaming Chair to withhold up to its maximum capacity without any inconveniences. Moreover, its 1.8 millimeters of thickness makes it comparatively more flexible and elastic.

Exterior Leather Layer:

The PU leather is used in the Homall Executive Gaming Chair. If you know your gaming chair, then you must’ve heard about PU Leather.

Because this leather is one of the premium quality leathers that are used to make gaming chairs. The best gaming chairs will almost always have this leather cover.

PU leather is made of 100% cow leather. So, it’s far more durable, that is, even after rough use, it won’t wear. By using PU leather in the Homall Executive Gaming Chair, the manufacturers promise you their premium quality and great service.

In addition to that, this leather allows the chair to be even and smooth in texture. So, dirt can hardly accumulate on this gaming chair making it easier for you to clean swiftly.

Moreover, this leather part on the gaming chair is so economical that you hardly need to spend any cash to replace it.


The shaping foam manufacturers used in the Homall Executive Gaming Chair is highly dense so it can provide you extra comfort. Plus, it features elasticity and anti-oxidation which also plays a role in enhancing its comfort further.

You can get proof of its high quality once you start to use this chair. No matter how much you put weight on it, it’ll not be snubbed. This fact will not change, even when you put on extra weight for an extended period.

Some Other Specifications: 

There are some other specifications besides the internal structures and designs. These are pointed out below:


8” x 20.5” x 47.8” ( L x B x H)


You can find many different varieties of selecting the color of the Homall Executive Gaming Chair. For example, blue, red, For example, blue, red, white, black, cyan, grey, green, pink, and purple.

The material of the Frame:

Metals like Steel Alloy, or a mixture of carbon fiber and composite aluminum.

Weight of the Gaming Chair:

1 lbs to 57.3 lbs. The weight differs depending on the composition of the inner structure.

Homall Swivel Leather Gaming Chair: Features

Gaming Chair

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair has wonderful functions and features just as much as it has its internal configuration and structure. I’ll explain to you its top features and functions thoroughly.


A good gaming chair should be versatile. That means you should be able to use it not only for gaming purposes but also for other purposes as well. The design of this chair is very ergonomic. So, you can use it with the utmost comfort, no matter what your age might be.

Even your children and teenagers can use this gaming chair with great comfort. So, you can clearly understand that this chair can be accessible to people of any age group and is not limited to only adults.

Moreover, if I explain the versatility in use, you can use the Homall Executive Gaming Chair for various tasks other than just gaming.

You can not only play games on the computer while sitting on this chair comfortably, you also have the option to rest on this chair after working. Moreover, if you’re watching Netflix or TV, you can relax sitting on these comfortable gaming chairs.

In addition to these, the stylish-looking design of the Homall Executive Gaming Chair can enhance the beauty of your room and bring a more modern feel to it too.


best gaming chair

The inclination or reclining extent is the function of a gaming chair to incline backward for more comfort of whoever uses the chair. It is one of the main and most important functions of a gaming chair.

The more inclination it has, the better the gaming chair is! So, while looking for gaming chairs, you might want to check for this function first.

Homall Executive Gaming Chair has the highest inclination value, that is, the reclining limit of this gaming chair is up to 180 degrees. Of course, there are other options. Like, you can also select the 150-degree reclining version if that’s your preference.

This is okay and all, but do you know why it is important? If you don’t, I’ll fill you in with that. Sometimes, after long gameplay or work, when you get tired you can rest on this chair.

But if it’s just 90 degrees straight as most normal chairs are, you won’t be comfortable resting there. So, in that case, you can just unlock the screw for that and incline it as much as you want.

However, I understand that you’ll not your chair to be inclined always. For example, when you’re using the computer or working, you obviously wouldn’t want the chair to incline. For that, there is an effective lock function.

Homall Executive Gaming Chair has a smooth and smooth reclining feature to lock the chair from reclining. So, you can lock it in whichever position you feel comfortable with.


This is another important feature of a gaming chair. The quality of a gaming chair depends heavily on the ease and rotating angle.

The Homall Executive Gaming Chair can rotate fully. That means you can rotate a full 360 degrees with ease when you’re on this gaming chair. While swiveling, you won’t feel any resistance and you can rotate freely with full control.

Weight Holding Capacity:

You can use the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair no matter what your weight or size might be. If you’re overweight, you might have to worry about the sturdiness of a gaming chair at the time of your purchase. And you’re right to do so.

In the case of Homall’s Gaming Chair, you don’t need to worry because it can easily support 300 lbs. So, you can know from this that it can support any average gamer.

Lifting Technology:

The Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair has a class 3 gas lift technology. This technology makes adjusting the height very easy, unwavering, and smooth.

However, you might find some trouble in lifting the chair down. But it depends on your weight and the weather condition you’re in.

The sturdiness of the Base:

It doesn’t matter how good a gaming chair is if doesn’t have a sturdy base. Without a strong base, you can discard a chair as useless. That is how important the base is for a gaming chair.

Luckily, in the case of the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair, it has a five-star base, made with the toughest material available. For this reason, it has a high capacity that can function properly even after supporting a heavyweight as 300 pounds.

The base has a few attached wheels. Those wheels are made of premium quality hard plastic. Even though that is only plastic, it can still support you.

Are you having doubts? Let me tell you some quick facts. Those wheels are finalized after testing them with various factors. Such as running them a distance worth 1000 miles, that too on bumpy surfaces. So, even after heavy-duty usage, it’ll still give you a great service.

Support for the Lumbar:

There is an additional cushion-type foam to support the lumbar region of your neck. This a special feature of Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair so that your neck gets support when it gets stiff after long game playing.

You can also adjust that lumbar support by raising or lowering the height of the lumbar. The cushion material used in that part is almost the same as the chair but the cushion is more flexible.

Final Words

With this, we’re officially done with the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair review. So, what do you think about it now?

In my opinion, it’s the best option if you’re looking for a versatile, durable, low-maintaining, and gaming chair under budget. So, what’re you waiting for? And order your own Homall Executive Gaming Chair.

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