Things to Know About Electric Automotive Paint Sprayer

The traditional ways of painting automobiles are no more in practice. The electric automotive paint sprayer has replaced them successfully. But using this machine can be tricky.

If you don’t know how to use it and don’t have a strategy, you are going to be in trouble. First, you should know the use of the machine. Then you should follow a strategy to get your desired result.

Are you painting your car for the first time using this modern tool? Well, you don’t need to panic. In this article, I am going to share the nitty-gritty of the electric paint sprayer and help you with the best strategy.

How to Use An Electric Automotive Paint Sprayer

How to Use An Electric Automotive Paint Sprayer

Your spray gun will perform as much as the control you have over it. The success depends on the techniques you apply.

Different techniques will bring different results. You have to follow the best strategy to aim and move the spray gun. So here are the strategies you can follow.

Start with A Low Pressure

How to Use An Electric Automotive Paint Sprayer

The best way to start painting with this machine is to start at low pressure. Once you start, then you can have better control over it.

Further, you can change the pressure according to your need. Start at a pressure level that you think is too low. Then increase the pressure to 5-pound steps.

You should check the size of the droplets after each change. As the droplets become smaller, you will see they are more uniform.

It is better to keep the pressure level from 3 pounds to 5 pounds. Never keep it higher than this. Change the ratio only if you need more or less paint. Otherwise, go with the level of pressure.

Maintain The Right Angle

Maintain The Right Angle

Maintaining the right angle while painting with an electric paint sprayer is a crucial part. Because the result varies from each angle.

When you fan the gun from right to left or take it up and down, you will notice a change in the result. The more distance a droplet will travel, will see it is drying out and thinning out more.

As a result, the depth will vary unequally. Some areas will sag and have the wrong shine. Not only this, but you will also find the difference in color.

A change in color will occur. So, you can understand how much influence the right angles can have.

Keep a Perfect Distance

Keep a Perfect Distance

Imagine you are painting your car from a random distance. You are just doing it playfully without maintaining a proper distance. What do you think the result will be? Well, you will have a disappointing result.

You cannot maintain proper film wetness and width without caring about the distance. The distance between the gun to part should be perfect.

If you spray from a close distance, the automotive surface will be flooded. As a result, it will sag and there will be pops on the surface.

On the other hand,  if you spray from too far, the film will be too thin or too dry. It will show the car body as well. So, the distance should not be too close or too far. Rather, it should be in between.

Trigger The Gun

Trigger The Gun


Some people don’t even understand when to stop while spraying. I mean, they don’t take it seriously. But gun triggering is really crucial.

Triggering means stopping the trigger or releasing it after each stroke. Depending on the timing of triggering, your car paint will create a depth of the painting. Whether your painting will be thin or thick largely depends on this.

This strategy will let you save paint, avoid too much film build, decrease mess on the surface.

If you do not trigger the gun, you will be painting the area that you have already painted or need no paint. To avoid unnecessary painting, you must trigger the gun.

Check Atomization Pattern

The shape of your paint fan is called the atomization pattern. The paint fan shape should be oval or round. And there should be a constant distribution of droplets.

You should keep it under regular check. You can check this by triggering the gun at some surface, like glass or metal.

You can check the consistency of droplet distribution by holding the gun. See when the droplet becomes oval and visible. The atomization pattern will determine how your painting will look.

Overlap Every Pass

Everyone wants to get an even film build while painting with an electric automotive sprayer. But it does not occur without effort. To achieve a flat film build, you must overlap every pass by at least 50%.

Alternatively, you can do the same by one-fourth, one-third, or one-half. However, do not overlap by one more than 2.5. If you do this, you will get an uneven area of the film.

You may think that it is not necessary. But let me tell you, half of the starting and ending pass work to coat the air. You have to coat the air with a 50% sized fan. Otherwise, there will be a too thin dry film on the edge.

Ground the Operator

Another important strategy of this machine operation is to ground the operator. I know that the sprayer is an electric device run by charge. So, it releases an electric charge to any conductive object.

The operator is one of the closest conductive objects to the device. So it can cause an accident. Because there can be an arch between the operator’s body and the ground. The body of the operator could be electrocuted from the sparks of the device.

Moreover, sparks are a possible fire hazard for paints. So, to be on the safe side, the operator should be grounded. If you follow this, the electricity will go directly to the ground.

It could reduce the chance of an accident. The operator should wear conductive shoes and should keep skin contact with the sprayer.

Maintain a proper resistance

The proper resistance should be five hundred thousand ohms. Especially when there are less than a hundred microamps & up to a hundred thousand volts involved.

I know from Ohm’s law that the high voltage like this can send a small current across this resistance.

However, you cannot check or measure the resistance with an old ohmmeter. In that case, you will need a megohmmeter with a 500-volt battery.

How to Maintain Automotive Paint Sprayer

Well, there is no rocket science. You just need to follow the instructions that are given by the manufacturer. They have included all the maintenance rules in the manual. When you use the machine, wipe off the air cap now and then. Use a solvent rag to do this.

You will find a gun cleaner available. After using a whole day, clean the gun with a gun cleaner. It will help you clean inside gun passages. Apply lubricant on the gun according to the guidelines.

How to Buy A Paint Sprayer

Now you know the best strategy to use and maintain the automotive paint sprayer. So, how to choose the best one while buying the machine? The buying strategies comprise some key points you should focus on.

  • The adjustable flow sprayer is too strong. Be careful of dripping.
  • Look for a long time warranty.
  • To make a vertical, concentrated, or horizontal circular jet, an orientable nozzle are the best.
  • Consider maneuverability and wrist while going for an attached or free-standing cup.
  • Take a close look at the cup or tank capacity.
  • Keep the pipe length in mind while repairing the gables of the house.
  • The area coverage per minute.
  • Anti-fog system.
  • The position of the cup.
  • Quality of the nozzle.
  • A removable pump for cleaning.
  • The machine flow ratio
  • Your budget

The Question And Answer for Automotive Paint Sprayer Strategy

Question 1: What can I do to keep an acceptable distance if my automotive part is not even?

Answer: However, you have to try your best. Though the part shape does not always cooperate, a quality sprayer will do the rest.

Question 2: How many types of guns are there?

Answer: You will find several types of spray guns. Conventional, air-assisted, airless, and HVLP guns are commonly seen.

Question 3: In different types of sprayers, where is the difference seen mostly?

Answer: The difference occurs mostly in the gun speed and distance recommended by the manufacturer.

The Final Verdict

Painting your car is a sensitive job. So, it should be done quite carefully. Otherwise, there will be an uneven film built on the surface. As a result, that will harm both the look and the car surface.

To avoid this, you should follow the strategies I have discussed here. The guidelines in the manual will help you to maintain the machine.

The strategies above will assist you to get a tremendous result. I hope this article helps you along the way to use electric automotive paint guns more efficiently.