Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

Your car should always look sleek and clean. That’s why you should keep its body spotless and without scratches. For it to be spotless, you need to apply a coat of paint on it once in a while. As a beginner, this can seem like a lot of work, but it shouldn’t be thanks to paint guns. You can apply a coat of paint to your car effortlessly if you get the best automotive paint gun for beginners.

If you head to Amazon, you will notice that there are so many models, and it can become overwhelming to pick the right one.

Top 10 Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners Reviews

best professional paint gun for cars

Fortunately, I have done in-depth research for you to make your work easier. After hours of analyzing different models, I was able to identify the top 10 best automotive gun models that beginners can use. Additionally, I have a buyer’s guide to help you pick the right one. I have also covered more about the types of auto paint guns as well as spray gun tips to help you get the most out of your tool. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Considered the Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners?

In basic terms, an automotive paint spray gun is a tool meant to help you apply a coat of paint to your car’s body. However, in principle, this tool can be used to apply paint on different surfaces, including painting surfaces at home.

These tools resemble regular guns but are designed for applying paint. They have features that turn fluid paint into droplets that create a fine mist that comes out of the gun through the special nozzle tips. The mist then spreads on the intended surface, thereby leaving your surface with an even pattern if well applied.

  • Paint guns come with containers and have several buttons (knobs) as well as a trigger and a nozzle tip.
  • The right automotive paint gun for the money should have the following features;
  • Different nozzle tips to help you choose the right one
  • A regulator system connected to your gun to help you choose the right speed rate of spaying paint
  • Durable materials to ensure durability and longevity
  • Lightweight handheld to ensure you work comfortably without tiring easily
  • Should be backed by a reasonable warranty

Now that you have an idea of the spray gun to go for, let’s review the 10 spray guns that stood out after the analysis.

Our Top Pick
1. Himalaya Airless Paint Spray Gun


  • 5/8HP 650w Motor
  • 25 feet long hose
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Weight:18.8 pounds
  • Adjustable and convertible nozzles

The airless painter sprayer is one best automotive paint guns, under $500 for both professionals and homeowners. The Tomic Himalaya gun can work with both water-based and oil-based paints, making it ideal for both interior and exterior jobs.

It’s among the easiest and most efficient sprayers that require minimal thinning. It is ideal for avid painters and those who need minimal spray settings. It has gained some positive reviews among users as well. This unit belongs to the paint sprayer class, thanks to its amazing features

60-watt Motor: This device sports a powerful 5/8HP motor, which is enough for most projects. The advanced electric motor can deliver up to 3000 PSI, meaning you can work on different projects. Users can alter the pressure levels to ensure more personalized results at work.

25-feet hose: The model comes with a 25-feet hose to serve you well when painting a one-story house. Himalaya has minimized spills by over 55% by ensuring the hose draws straight from your paint bucket. This is a great feature that ensures you don’t stain other areas that you don’t intend to paint.

Adjustable Nozzle: Apart from that, the paint sprayer allows you to use the one nozzle that fits your needs. The nozzle sizes are much more convertible for more efficiency. Furthermore, it is easy to control the spaying pattern, and most parts are re-buildable.

Editor Choice
2. HVLP 500W Advanced Hand Held Electric Spray Gun


  • Two nozzles: 2.8mm/3.2mm.
  • Cord – 6 feet
  • Portable design
  • 500-watt motor
  • 12-month warranty

Just because you don’t have enough budget doesn’t mean you can acquire the best HVAC spray gun for automotive paint. This inexpensive option from Thunder Hardware comes with everything you need for painting, including two valves, a handy hanger, a nozzle wrench, a viscosity cup, a cleaning needle, and a user manual.

This model can work on many surfaces, such as wooden items, car parts, steel furniture, and home appliances. It is easy to set up and ideal for many home applications. But what are some of the features of this electric spray gun that make it worth the investment?

Adjustable Valve Knobs: This model comes with two nozzles -2.8mm and 3.2mm. This allows you to adjust the coating speed and spray evenly without brush marks. Additionally, you can use three spray patterns using vertical, horizontal, and circular jets for different work needs. The sprayer has a larger 900ml paint container, so you won’t need to refill it now and then.

Detachable Canister: What makes this gun your ideal choice is all parts are removable, including the canister, to make it easier to add paint directly. It is also a bonus when cleaning because you can take it apart and put it together effortlessly. The unit also comes with a viscosity cup to help you test the viscosity of the paint. Most customers love the fact that it’s easy to control the smoothness of the paint.

Powerful Motor: The Thunder Hardware Spray Gun comes with a powerful motor of 500w to handle different projects. The power cord measures 6 ft. to ensure a changeable working distance. However, this means that you might need to charge the power source for larger areas.

Best Choice
3. Tekna Prolite Spray Gun


  • Smooth design
  • Light in weight with dimensions of 10×7.2×2.5 inches
  • Metallic coating

Are you looking for a spray gun that is both professional and easy to use? Tekna 703567 is the right choice. This product works in a wide range of climate and temperature conditions, which makes it ideal for use in outdoor and indoor painting.

If you are worried about the ease of use, you should rest at ease since Prolite TE20 is exceptionally easy to operate. You can make adjustments spontaneously and quickly, even in the middle of spraying thanks to its convenient dials. It comes with many outstanding features, and here are just a few.

Adjustable tip: This model offers 3 tips for different coat thicknesses. The 1.3mm tip offers the best spraying and works well for both base and clear coats. However, if you’d like to split the coats, you can use the 1.4mm for the clear and the former for the base coat. For a very thin clear coat, you can use the 1.2mm tip.

Light and ergonomic: The TE20 is easy to carry at 2.2 pounds. Additionally, the weight is well balanced from side to side and the handle fits perfectly on the hands. Besides, the dials and knobs are conveniently placed for easier handling and to avoid changing them accidentally during use.

Non-stick Coating: This product is coated with a metal with nonstick properties to resist stains. This can be an advantage for those who leave work tired and forget to clean off the spray gun. In case of such accidents, you can still clean the metallic surface after a couple of hours without ruining your spray gun. Also, most of its parts are removable and easy to assemble.

Best Seller
4. NEU MASTER Paint Spray Gun


  • Adjustable knobs
  • 3 spray patterns
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight design and easy to use

The Max 600W spray painter is one of the perfect automotive paint guns. Equipped with powerful motors and turbofans, this spray gun can deliver superior and smooth painting results. Here are the features that make it a great option for beginners;

3-spray pattern options: These electric spray guns have three different spray patterns; vertical, horizontal, and circular, and have two nozzles to allow you to paint different projects.

Adjustable knob: NEU MASTER Paint Spray Gun also comes with adjustable flow control that allows you to paint different surfaces.

User-friendly design: The easy-to-use design of this spray gun makes painting car surfaces easier, and more efficient, even for beginners.

Best Seller
5. DeVilbiss GF670 Spray Gun


  • Weight: 1.55 pounds
  • Three distinct nozzle sizes
  • Airflow rate: 10 CFM
  • 32 oz. aluminum cup
  • Average inlet pressure of 35 PSI

Devilbiss manufactures highly-rated paint sprayers for producing excellent results in both professional and DIY projects. The Devilbiss GF670 has some cool features that make it ideal for base and clear coats, primer, and paints low in volatile organic compounds.

Made with aluminum: Aluminum is a low-maintenance, non-corrosive, yet lightweight material. The fluid cup and passage of this Devilbiss paint sprayer are made from aluminum, making the gun worth your money because it serves you for a long.

Stainless steel needle & tip: Stainless steel does not corrode, and it is easy to maintain. This sturdy material makes the gun durable and enables the needle and the tip to withstand pressure when spraying. The durability makes the gun worth the money.

Ample Handle: The handle is comfortable for the hand, a feature that is very helpful if you will be spray painting for long hours.

Uniquely Designed Air Cap: The specially designed 32 oz. The cup also gives this gun a better fluid flow and spray pattern than other paint guns in the market. Therefore, it saves your time but still gives the final product a smooth, sleek finish without a lot of work.

Best Lightweight
6. Devilbiss Finishline HVLP Paint Gun


  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Air-adjusting valve
  • Atomization technology
  • Tip sizes: 1.3, 1.5 & 1.8mm
  • Compressor air flow rate: 13 CFM
  • Inlet Pressure: 23 PSI

The Finishline 4FLG670 is what you need if you are looking for a superior paint gun on a tight budget. It is one of the best sellers of all Devilbiss paint guns because it achieves excellent paint patterns.

Atomization Tech: The Devilbiss Finishline uses enhanced technology for atomization. This new tech gives smooth finishes with little overspray. Therefore, you have less clean-up and touch-up work.

Different Fluid Tips: This paint gun, which is designed for projects using automotive or industrial paints, comes with three different nozzles. The smallest nozzle, which is 1.3mm, is ideal for topcoats, while the medium one, which measures 1.5mm, is best for applying base coats. You can spray primers using the largest nozzle, 1.8mm.

Anodized passages: Its internal passages and body are anodized. Their anodized nature makes the Devilbiss 4FLG670 highly resistant to wear. The process also provides this paint sprayer with better adhesion and makes the passages easy to clean.

HVLP spray gun: Besides, this Devilbiss gun is the best HVLP spray gun for automotive paint (high volume, low pressure) features. This makes it efficient in utilizing paint and thus minimizes paint wastage while increasing coverage.

Functional design: One thing that makes this paint gun a bestseller is that it is comfortable to hold. The adjustments, paint control as well as triggers are well-designed and reasonably located, making it very easy to use.

Best Overall
7. Apollo 2 Quart 7700C Spray Gun


  • Weights 6 lbs.
  • Double regulator
  • 8 Tip sizes: 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5mm
  • Matte-finish on Spray Head

The Apollo Combo Package is not only an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts but professional paint sprayers as well. It is intelligently designed and comes with unique features for great results.

All fluid parts are made of stainless steel: All the internal parts, not just the tip and needle, which store or pass fluid, are made from stainless steel, which makes this spray gain long-lasting. The stainless steel interior, together with the fact that it has no O-shaped rings, also makes its cleaning easy.

Dual inputs: The Apollo 7700C allows dual input, top, and bottom, for both air and paint materials. This makes it ideal for use when two paints or fluids are to be sprayed separately.

Eight nozzle sizes: The Apollo 2 Quart can be used with up to 8 different nozzles. This makes it the most versatile paint gun in the market. It comes pre-installed with a 1.0mm nozzle.

Compatible with different cups: besides the variety of needle sizes, this spray gun can be used with three distinct spray cup feeding types of ten distinct models. They include four different cups for gravity, three base cup sizes for pressure, and three cups for production feed.

The cups are also color-coded, which makes changing to a whole different set of needles and tips easy and fast.

Best Design
8. Tekna 703661 Spray Gun


  • Weight: 1.05 pounds
  • Gravity feed spray gun
  • Adjusting valve with digital gauge
  • Fluid tips: 1. 5mm, 1. 4mm, 1. 3mm, and 1. 2mm.

This quality spray gun by Tekna is made for both beginners and professionals. It has all the features a professional needs, but at the same time, it is simple enough for newbies to use as well. It lays out base colors, a clear coat, and primer with a professional finish look.

This gun has commendable atomization, thanks to its advanced fluid dynamic engineering, resulting in the usage of less paint and materials.

Here are its features

Non-stick coating: Tekna 703661 Spray Gun comes with a non-stick coating on all the exposed metallic surfaces. Therefore, if you accidentally leave this spray gun sitting out for the night, it will not rust or corrode.

Excellent atomization: This spray gun spreads material better than other guns in its category, thanks to its innovative engineering on fluid dynamics. In addition to better coverage, this gun enables you to achieve a great finish.

Versatile: This spray gun is engineered and designed to work in different environments, regardless of environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, etc.

Ergonomically designed: Another commendable feature of this spray gun is that it has an ergonomic design that allows it to sit on your hand comfortably. This gives you enough control to enable you to do your job right.

Commendable warranty: Tekna customer service is known to have an excellent reputation and often exceeds their expectations to keep the customer happy. Although this may not be a feature, it is something I thought is worth a mention.

Best Style
9. TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun

Key Features:

  • Gravity feed gun with a fluid stainless steel nozzle of 1.4mm
  • Operating pressure: 29-51PSI
  • Comes with an air regulator with a gauge
  • Patten width ranging from 5.9 to 7.1 inches
  • Features with pressure and fluid knobs

This professional gravity feed gun comes with a wealth of great features, including a wide range of pattern widths and stainless steel components. Let’s look at its features;

Pressure knobs: This model has an operating pressure you can adjust ranging from 29psi to 51psi. The unit has a pattern width of between 5.9 inches and 7.1 inches.

Durable stainless steel: This spray gun comes with a 1.44mm nozzle and needle that is made of stainless steel. Its aluminum cup has a generous capacity of one liter of paint.

Control knobs: TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun comes with an air regulator as well as control knobs that allow you to make adjustments to the air pressure and amount of paint that the gun produces.

High volume-low pressure gun: This being an HVLP spray gun is suitable for clear coats, base coats, and other fluids with varying viscosities.

Best Choice
10. Goplus Spray Gun


  • Device Weight: 7.7 pounds
  • 3 Spray modes
  • No-slip handle
  • 1-liter paint storage

Choosing the right spray gun can be a hard task for a beginner. The Goplus best electric paint sprayer is the go-to device for any beginner and DIY lover because of its easy-to-use design, among other features.

Flexible air-control feature: This paint gun is compatible with horizontal, circular, and vertical-facing jets. Thus making it great for spraying high and hidden surfaces.

61-inch long tube: It comes with a 61-inch long tube, which enables you to spray hard-to-reach areas such as corners and edge parts in your project.

Motor switch dust protector: The Goplus 650W on/off motor switch is covered with a plastic guard to prevent dust/dirt from accumulating in it. This is an excellent feature since dust and other contaminants are one of the major causes of electric motors’ failure.

Detachable parts: All parts of this paint sprayer can be easily detached. This makes the exterior and interior of this paint gun easy to clean.

Adjustable Spray Can: The can is adjustable to ensure even application of the paint and also regulates the quantity of paint being sprayed.

Aluminum Can: Unlike other low-price paint sprayers, this Goplus 650W can is constructed using aluminum, which makes it stable and durable.

How To Choose The Best Paint Gun for Beginners

best automotive paint guns 2022

There are several things you should look for when buying the best paint gun for beginners;

Hose length:

Although it looks simple and something much may even overlook, having the correct hose length can be the difference between comfortable and uncomfortable working conditions. Therefore, investing in a tool that has a long hose will help you spay all the areas of your car, including the upper body, since you will be able to access them without having to carry the paint container with you.

This feature is important, especially if you are looking for a spray gun to paint a large vehicle. Some models feature an extension cord to help you reach higher places.

Container size:

Spray guns come in different sizes of paint containers. If you have a long DIY project or you are a professional, you should go for one with a large container. However, if you are looking for a paint gun to do less time-consuming tasks such as touch-ups on scratched surfaces or for making spray patterns, then you can go for those with a small container.

If you are looking for a spray gun to paint the entire body of your truck or car, then you will most definitely need to go for a quality spray paint gun that comes with a sizeable container and a cart.

Adjustable features:

Among the handiest features, you should look for in an automotive spray are the buttons or knobs that allow you to control the flow rate and paint patterns. The key to smooth application and professional finish is using the right pressure and uniform pattern while working. This explains why individual knobs are an important feature to look out for.

The more control you have over your paint flow rate, the better your work will be. Having a paint gun with a range of nozzle tips and air pressure levels will help you do a great job, even if you are a beginner.

Nozzle size:

Another crucial component you should consider is the size of the nozzle. You will want a spray paint gun that comes with different sizes of nozzle tips to allow you to do your job well. For instance, heavy coatings require you to use larger nozzles as they are usually thicker. Also, applying primers and resins needs larger nozzles. If you use the wrong size of nozzles, then you risk ruining your car’s surface.

Therefore, I would recommend that you go for a device with at least three sizes of nozzles for different applications.


To have different kinds of finish and texture, as those who see pulled out by professional painters, you may need to have a filter. Some filters are meant to be used for light substances like varnish while others are meant for heavy-duty automotive paintings and industrial coatings. The purpose of a nozzle is to help prevent clogging issues. The models I have reviewed here have inbuilt filters to take care of clogging problems.


A portable kit will help you save time and energy, especially when you are working on a large project such as painting a truck. Being able to transport everything from one place to another helps to save time.

Many models are fitted with carts and wheels to help you move the paint container from one area to another.

Some small spray guns also feature shoulder straps to help keep your hands free from spraying.

Gallons per minute:

You need an efficient spray gun that sprays fast without compromising on the quality of the finished results. The best spray paint gun will have a high gallons per minute rate. GPM translates to the amount of time your tool takes to transfer paint from its container onto the surface you are painting.

If you have a sizeable project, you should go for one with a high GPM so that you can paint a larger area within a short time and still have a flawless finish.

Additional Information

In addition to the tips for buying the right spray gun, I have added more information to help you make a better choice.

Types of Paint Guns

There are different types of paint guns you can choose from;

HVLP paint guns:

These spray guns produce low pressure that is just enough to atomize the paint and release it in high volumes. The High Volume-Low Pressure majorly runs on turbine motors that generate enough power to enable you to paint your car.

They enable you to create a high finish quality and save more money on paint thanks to their efficiency. Their speed of paint application is down to the fact that they consume more energy and more compressed air as compared to other spray paint guns such as LVLP.

These guns are ideal for DIY and beginners who are looking for a dependable tool. High volume means more precision in terms of paint application and less overspray, which leads to better results. The HVLP is approved by the Environment Protection Agency due to its efficiency in utilizing paints and reducing overspray.

LVLP paint guns

The low-volume Low-Pressure spray guns are very efficient in terms of energy usage and prevent paint usage by reducing overspray. If you are a beginner who is looking for a spray gun to carry out different DIY tasks, make sure to purchase this device. LVLP paint guns deliver wide coverage and a great finish, especially with watered-down paints.

When purchasing these guns, make sure to go with higher volume, especially if you are planning on working with high-viscous paints

Airless paint sprayers

Just as the title says, this tool doesn’t need air to function. It does a great job, especially if you want a paint gun that can create uniform patterns. With adequate speeds, you can do a great job, especially for projects that need thorough paint application. On the downside, it is not useful for projects that need you to create intricate painting designs. They do not offer flexibility for outdoor painting.

Gravity feed spray gun

This is the perfect paint spray gun for use in different kinds of vehicles. With this spray gun, you can apply different layers of paint to your car, which include thick coats, detailed coats, and thin coats. They have a bottle of paint on top and just as the name implies, it should be oriented downwards so that the paint can trickle down due to gravity. It offers great precision, thus also ideal for creating intricate designs.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out Of Your Spray Gun

professional automotive paint spray guns

To help you get started and ensure you achieve great finishes, I have put together tips on using a spray gun;

Keep the spray gun moving

Spray guns flush out to paint at rapid speeds, which is why you should be fast in applying paint. Otherwise, you will get uneven coats if you leave the sprayer in one spot. Therefore, keep the gun moving using straight movements all the time.

Keep distance

A distance of about 30cm from the surface you are applying paint on when using a sprayer. This will help you control the thickness of your coat. Make sure you try to maintain the distance consistently as even a small change can create a big difference.

Apply it straight

You should apply your paint in straight patterns as a slight tilting of the sprayer will result in uneven coats.


With each application, cover a part of the previous spray to prevent leaving out light spots or streaky areas.

Keep things clean

If you notice a change in the way the painting results look, clean the guard and the nozzle tips with the cleaning kit provided. This will help remove the buildup that may be interfering with your painting.

Now that you know the basics of using a spray gun, it is time to give it a try.


What is an automotive paint gun?

Automotive paint guns are also known as HVLP (High volume low pressure). These paint guns help to paint all hard surfaces and are capable of painting quickly. Moreover, automotive paint guns are lightweight and easy to handle.

What is an automotive paint gun and how does it work?

An automotive paint gun is also known as HVLP. These guns are used to cover a car. Well, these paint guns work according to their type. Some automotive paint guns operate by using electricity gravity or by using air.

Do sprayers use more paint?

Well, the amount of paint you use depends on the sprayer you are using. Generally, you are advised to buy more paint to ensure you complete your project without hitches, as double coats and touch-ups are frequent occurrences when using a spray gun.

HVLP paint guns need more paints as compared to other methods of painting, such as using rollers and brushes.

Airless paint sprayers need more paint compared to rollers since they rely on high pressure to atomize the paint. The same applies to air compressor paint guns.

How do paint guns work?

Generally, the mode of working depends on the type of spray gun and its specific functionality. Some spray guns need air to operate while others use gravity. Others use electricity to spray paint.

What can make a paint gun splatter?

In general, many paint guns create splashes. This is caused by air entering into the fluid outside of the tool’s air cap. Therefore, ensure that the fluid nozzle is fastened or secured to prevent it. Also, maintain your gun, and clean it thoroughly after use to avoid damaging its parts.

Which is better- HVLP or LVLP?

Well, this depends on the project at hand as each of these paint guns has different functionalities. For instance, the best HVLP spray gun for automotive paint is at a faster rate, and thus is ideal for projects that need high working speed. Conversely, if you need a paint gun that will create specific details such as creating intricate designs.

Is the gravity-feed paint sprayer better?

When you are looking for the right spray gun for automotive projects, then the gravity feed sprayer is the best option. This tool offers great efficiency and versatility in automotive projects as they do not need air to operate.

Which is the right size of compressor do I need to paint my car?

Generally, a spray tank with a 60-gallon tank is recommended alongside a 5-6HP compressor. This will help you produce a sufficient amount of CFM.

Why Should You Invest In a Spray Gun?

A spray gun offers several benefits over traditional painting methods, including;

  • It creates a uniform, subtle pattern. Because spray finishes are built up of thin layers, you will rarely notice blemishes and scratches as would be the case with a brushed finish.
  • Spraying offers a faster way of applying a coat of paint. You can apply paint on a large area faster using a spray gun than with a rag or brush. Besides, atomization of paint reduces the drying time, and thus you can sand and recoat projects within a short time
  • It is versatile. Virtually all finishes that can be applied using a rag or brush can be replicated using a spray gun. However, not all spray finishes can be done using a brush. Some finishes such as those that need water-based paints, should only be applied using a spray gun. A spray gun also allows you to use special painting techniques such as toning or shading that are harder to do by hand
  • Spraying is easy. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to create great finishes. Often, you can achieve great proficiency in creating great finishes faster than when you are using a brush
  • Spraying offers consistency and quality. Without a doubt, this is the best reason to buy a spray gun. With a spray gun, issues such as sags, trapped air bubbles, drips, and runs are greatly reduced. When properly used, a spray gun delivers a high-quality and durable finish within a short time compared to rollers or brushes.
  • Spray guns give you greater control. You can control your paint application rate as well as the thickness of coats better with a sprayer compared to when you have a rag or brush. It is easier to adjust the air pressure and flow rate when using a spray gun to ensure you get even coats on car surfaces.

How much pressure should I use?

Most spray guns have a maximum pressure listed on their air cap that allows the gun to maintain efficiency. You should start with low pressure and gradually use higher pressure figures as you get used to using a spray gun.

Why does my spray gun fail to work with my coating?

Spray guns work different coatings, including sealers, stains, enamels, topcoats, and much more. Make sure that you get a coating that is made to be applicable for use with a spray gun.

How can I improve the lifespan of my spray gun?

The best way to keep your spray gun working well for a long time is to ensure it is properly cleaned. Also, make sure to use the right nozzle tips with the right pressure.

Should I lubricate my spray gun? Yes, but make sure to use appropriate lubricants that are non-silicone and petroleum-based.

Why do I get sags and runs? These are usually caused by too much fluid and a lack of air.


If you are reading this, congratulations! You have to come to the end of the guide. I have reviewed the top 10 best automotive paint guns for beginners. models 2022 and also offered the important tips you should pay attention to.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep your project in hand in mind as that will determine the type of spray gun to choose. Different spray guns suit different projects. I do hope that the reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you choose the right models. Happy painting!