The 7 Best Chandeliers for Living Room of 2024

What’s more important than a stylish, elegant, and timeless home design? With such a home, there is no place you’d rather be. However, nothing comes on a silver platter. So taking your time to make your home a palace requires every ounce of strength that you can master. I am here to get you started. With the chandeliers for the living room, you can always tweak up a rather boring bedroom design into the most memorable experience.

To help you with that, here are the top reviews that I rounded up. In this review post, I have also included a smart buying guide and common concerns that buyers often have.

Here is the list of the top 7 Best Chandeliers for Living Room

  • French Empire Crystal Gold Chandelier Lighting 
  • ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Chandelier
  • CRYSTOP Crystal Chandelier Modern Spectacular
  • 7PM L37.4″ x W8″ x H16″ Modern Contemporary
  • Meelighting Crystal Chandeliers
  • Generic Island Lights Crystals Chandelier
  • Zgear 12 Lights Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier

To leave you with a better understanding of what you need, here are the top three chandelier models for your home.

There isn’t a doubt that the next top three models are crystal chandeliers for your home. They offer some of the best lighting touches and come with durable designs. More importantly, these models are stylish and equally affordable for any homeowner.

In my view, looking for these models will offer any use the best-rated touches to their home. You will have a chandelier that you can easily install alone and one that covers a wider space with a bright touch. Next in line, another thing that you have to pay closer attention to is how the chandelier operates. If the model is easy to use, then the chances are that you will have pretty cool experiences with it.

The best modern chandelier will, however, leave you with a user manual that you can follow. Thankfully, these top three models are not different at all. They have simple user manuals to follow and will leave you with some of the best experiences too.

Choose these top three affordable chandeliers and enjoy the most memorable home ambiance and general décor.

Our Top Pick
1. French Empire Crystal Gold Chandelier Lighting
  • 24 X H.30″ size
  • 9 lights
  • 18 inches of chain
  • Weight: 16 pounds

Talk of the best chandeliers for living room, and you won’t miss the French Empire Crystal Gold Chandelier Lighting. While it is very good for the dining room, this chandelier won’t do a lesser job in the bedroom.

But what makes this chandelier a design to remember? Take a look at the best features that set this chandelier apart.

Well, this beautiful chandelier is designed and trimmed with Empress Crystal. This is a 100% crystal chandelier with the quality and durability of the same material of design.

This chandelier has the touch of the very best grand chandeliers. It lends a special atmosphere to your home every time you need it.

More importantly, this chandelier is big enough to cover a larger space with a great balance. Thanks to its W.24 X H.30″ size. You can now fit it inside your home comfortably, irrespective of the size of the living room.

To give you a better experience, this model comes with 9 lights, which are very powerful. They will provide a cool radiance with the crystals and leave you with an ambiance like no other.

You can lower and raise the chandelier too. Thanks to its 18-inch chain that is included in its package.

Use this chandelier with LED light bulbs, halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, and compact fluorescent bulbs.

  • Low voltage 85V-265V
  •  Great for dining room
  •  Stylish and elegant
  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Works with several bulbs
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs (not included
Best Choice
2. ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Chandelier
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • 3 circle ring
  • Diameter: (27.6″-19.7″-11.8″)
  • Color: NON-DIMMABLE Cool White
  • Built-in LED light source
  • Up to 47.2″ long adjustable cable
  • Power: MAX 50W

The other contemporary chandelier to look at is the ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Living Room Chandelier. This chandelier is not only unique but is pretty much stylish in its every design.

The model is highly rated with chandelier users and will leave you with the best experience yet. So what makes it tick? Here are the top features you don’t want to miss from this top chandelier.

First, this chandelier from ANTILISHA is a 3 ring modern living room chandelier light. The three rings that it is designed with make the chandelier more of an epic design. It gives it a cool contemporary design for the most celebrated full-home chandelier designs.

Next, this K9 home chandelier is set with LED crystals. The crystals give your home, the chandelier, and the light rays a unique touch. They make the lighting quite artistic and most memorable.

And if you want to move the height of this chandelier, there is no worry about it. The chandelier design allows for an adjustable touch for this pendant. As such, you’ll enjoy a simple, stylish, and glam home setup.

Apart from its elegant and classic design, another thing that provides more luxury to this transitional chandelier is its longer user warranty.

The manufacturers have provided a 3-year long warranty on the replaceable parts of this stylish chandelier and a 30 day return policy with a 100% refund.

Even so, most users have a rather different take. Most of them love the shape of this chandelier. With a 3-tier circular design for shapes, this chandelier has an orb sphere shape and an irregular mix of circular shapes.

  • Design your own shape
  •  Elegant sparkly art-deco
  •  Great for the living room
  • Stylish with a great addition
  •  Light in weight
  •  Easy to set up
  •  Very affordable
  •  Durable with great design
  • Achieves only circular shapes
Best Seller
3. CRYSTOP Crystal Chandelier Modern Spectacular
  • Size: 20-inch x height 71 inch
  • 110V – 120V
  • LED spiral sphere
  • Raindrop K9 ceiling light fixture
  • Crystal Chandelier

For someone who requires a style that oozes class, beauty, and elegance, leaving the CRYSTOP Crystal Chandelier Modern Spectacular will be your greatest undoing. These are modern chandeliers, for the dining room and can be used in the bedroom too.

The chandelier is unique and will provide you with cool interior décor. More importantly, you will get several features to brag about. So what are these features that this chandelier comes with?

It starts off with a fantastic modern design and a beautifully dressed chandelier with brilliant crystals. This tweaks the chandelier into an amazing light-up for your house.

Featuring one of the best contemporary pendant designs for lighting, the chandelier sits at a 20-inch diameter X, and a 71-inch height.

It makes use of the GU10 X 9 and Max 50 Watts bulbs. However, the bulbs aren’t included and must be bought separately.

Even so, this chandelier minimizes its power consumption. It uses a voltage of between 110V and 120V. Again, it is compatible with several other bulbs such as the Dimmable Blubs, Energy saving bulbs, Led Bulb, and Halogen Bulbs, among others.

The chandelier is absolutely fabulous and features an LED spiral sphere with a raindrop K9 ceiling fixture design. It is highly decorative and will work best for the living room hotel and a hallway foyer entry.

More importantly, the chandelier is light and will hardly leave you with any problems once installed. You can move it from one room to the next or even repackage it if that’s what you need.

  • Contemporary design
  •  Easy to install
  •  You can adjust the height
  •  Best for small and large homes
  •  Low power consumption
  •  Bright and durable
  • Bulbs not included
Best Overall
4. 7PM L37.4″ x W8″ x H16″ Modern Contemporary
  • L37.4″ x W8″ x H16″ in size
  •  Polished stainless steel frame
  •  K9 crystal
  •  59″ or 150 cm adjustable chain
  •  6 E12 bulbs

Your life may not be rosy every day. However, the 7 PM L37.4″ x W8″ x H16″ Modern Contemporary Luxury Linear Chandelier can help to transform your mood every day. With its epic lighting design and stylish setup, this is the model to work with.

And what makes this chandelier unique? Let’s say there are several things. However, the most conspicuous ones are what I will give you here right away.

As the name suggests, this best chandelier design measures L37.4″ x W8″ x H16″ in size. This gives it a wide shape for both large and small spaces.

It is designed with a raindrop touch that allows it to sparkle from every single angle. However, before you get down to using it, a full assembly is usually required. This means your time and effort must come into play.

To give it a suitable holding line, there is the polished stainless steel frame that this crystal chandelier comes with. The frame is toned with a great chrome color to fit in every interior design.

The K9 crystal is awesome and gives some of the brightest sparkles that you’ll find in a long time. There is the included cord for height adjustment too.

The adjustable cord length is set at 59″ or 150 cm, making it one of the longest among many other models seen here.

To use this crystal chandelier, you will require 6 E12 bulbs with a maximum of 40W for each model.

The chandelier works with incandescent lights, LED and CFL lights, and halogen or color-changing bulbs.

It is fully dimmable and ideal for your living room, kitchen island, farmhouse, and sloped ceiling.

  • Wide and stable setup
  •  Adjustable height design
  •  Compatible with many bulbs
  •  Bright light around the home
  •  Easy setup wide places
  • Assembly Required
Best Design
5. Meelighting Crystal Chandeliers
  •  K9 touch
  •  2-tier lighting system
  •  8 lights
  •  28″ * 7.1″
  •  E12 bulbs
  •  The color temperature of 2700K

The modern living room chandelier designs won’t come short of the most elegant ones. That’s how I know that the Meelighting Crystal Chandeliers Modern Contemporary Living Room Chandeliers is indeed a great design.

While it is very stylish, this chandelier is equally breathtaking in its entire design. It is well over the edge in design and has an awesome touch to it.

The chandelier is a modern top-grade model with the K9 touch for the best ceiling pendant light.

It is a 2-tier lighting system and uses 8 lights to provide an epic addition to a rather dull home or house setup.

Even better, the chandelier comes in a wide enough design. It measures 28″ * 7.1″ in the exact dimensions. It works best, even in the widest spaces.

To make its use enjoyable, you’ll get a highly adjustable cord length of about 40 inches. This cord can be used to reduce or increase the height of the chandelier.

With the capacity to work better, using the E12 bulbs on this chandelier is highly advisable. This will include dimmable bulbs if you need them.

The color temperature of the crystal chandelier is nothing to worry about. It doesn’t exceed 2700K and will live you with no pain at all.

Use a bulb with a maximum of 60W for every light bulb. And because the Meelighting Crystal Chandelier is very compatible with many other types of bulbs, you can use it with dimmable LED, halogen bulbs, and power-saving bulbs, among other types of bulbs.

MEELIGHTING gives up to 10 years of warranty. It combines the classic and the contemporary elements to leave you with eye-catching results.

  • Compatible with many bulbs
  •  Adjustable heights
  •  Round stylish design
  •  Low color temperatures
  •  Long-lasting design
  • Too bright for small spaces
Editor Choice
6. Generic Island Lights Crystals Chandelier
  •  5 x 31.5 x 27.56 inches
  •  DVD instruction
  •  K9 Crystal plus
  •  110V

For the homeowner who’s looking to amp their own design, the Generic Island Lights Crystals Chandelier is the thing to look for. The design is unique and sets the stage ablaze with some of the coolest touches.

The modern design looks to add a great ambiance to your home with its high-end features. More importantly, it also provides your home with the best focal point. But what really sets this design apart?

First, this best chandelier is, in fact, large in size. It measures 31.5 x 31.5 x 27.56 inches in exact size and will fit perfectly in spaces that need the highest intensities.

The model is equally awesome in its unique design and will add pomp and color to a rather dull home.

With Cognac color, you won’t have to worry about this crystal chandelier as it integrates with every type of space.

However, the crystal chandelier requires some level of assembly before you can actually begin using it.

Thankfully, there is the inclusion of a clear DVD instruction that you can follow to install the chandelier properly.

Like many other chandeliers that I have seen, Generic Island Lights uses the K9 Crystal plus a high-class pipe setting to provide you with a design that you can rely on.

The weight of the crystal chandelier is also heavy but manageable and comes at 35 lbs. Use this chandelier in a home with 110V comfortably.

  • Easy to install
  • Crystal clear instructions
  •  Long-lasting/ durable
  •  Best for large homes
  •  Energy efficient
  •  Cool and smart color
  • It is Heavier than the other models here
Best High-quality
7. Zgear 12 Lights Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier
  •  12 lights
  •  5 tiers design
  •  K9 design
  •  E12 light source
  •  LED bulbs

Like a pendant that hangs right from the top of your ceiling, the Zgear 12 Lights Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier (12 Lights) is something you can’t miss.

It is extremely stylish, elegant, and timeless, with a wits design. As such, you don’t want to miss out on its tweak. Choosing this model solely relies on its coolest features. And what features are these?

First, this chandelier comes with one of the most stylish designs. It uses 12 lights and maximizes the brightness of any home. The model comes with a modern contemporary design and brings in the 5 tiers design.

Even so, this crystal chandelier will suit most of the ceilings that you can get today. With a cool pendant design, the top grade K9 design makes it one of the most celebrated models for any home.

It is a sizable chandelier that sits at 31.5 inches by 83 inches in exact top dimensions. To give you an even better experience, this model has an adjustable chain design. The chain sits at 39.4 inches and will provide you with variable heights easily.

More importantly, it uses the E12 lighting source to leave you with the best levels of brightness. Suppose used with the 60 W bulbs. This chandelier will leave you with one of the most memorable home decor.

It is highly compatible with LED bulbs and dimmer switches. Most people prefer it for a completely flat ceiling too.

Thankfully, the chandelier uses a thick metal lamp body with a crystal clear strip to leave you with strong light transmission.

  •  High quality
  •  Metal chandelier suction cup
  •  5 layers of crystal strip
  •  Cool decoration
  •  Adjustable Chain
  •  Luxurious atmosphere
  • Shallow user manual

The Chandeliers for Living Room: Smart Buying Guide

Yes. I have seen the best chandeliers. However, irrespective of the type of chandeliers that you want, there are factors that you’ve got to consider.

In this section, I will give you some of the most important things that you should pay attention to when looking for a great chandelier for your dining room, grand foyer, stair-way, and many other places.

Light Source

Most chandeliers work with E12 light sources. Take your time to ensure that the light source you are working with is ideal for your needs. It will play an important role in ensuring that the power consumption is also efficient.

Ceiling Types

Do you have a flat or slanted ceiling design? Ceiling designs are also very important to keep in mind. Slanted ceiling designs are hard to set up a chandelier onto. It is important that you look for chandelier models that suit the type of ceiling that you need.

Size of Space

Smaller chandeliers might not perform best in wider spaces. However, bigger chandeliers will perform better in both wider spaces and smaller spaces. Know the size of your space to get the right chandelier size for your use.

Style and Elegance

A chandelier is designed to combine a classic, stylish, contemporary, and elegant design to provide you with the most eye-catching results. This is because the major work of any crystal chandelier is to provide pomp and color to your home’s design. Look for something stunningly cool.

Durable Design

If your crystal chandelier is constructed using high-quality materials, it ensures that your product lasts longer than its intended lifetime. As such, you are buying the chandelier will be absolutely worth it! That’s why you should pay close attention to additional frames and K9 design.

Color Heat Levels

Don’t go for chandeliers that give out high color heat levels. Low or manageable heat levels are cool and will prevent any harm around your family. Make sure that you watch out for the color heat levels.

Power Efficiency

The American standard on voltage consumption is 110V. However, many other countries will use 120V. Whichever the case, make sure that your chandelier power consumption lies somewhere between 110V and 120V.


More importantly, you need a chandelier whose level you can easily adjust. Looking for a model that you can easily adjust will help you get a chandelier that you can suspend to provide you with enough radiance.


To give you a better experience with your living room chandeliers, here are some common concerns that users often raise.

Who Makes the Crystal Chandeliers?

Chandeliers for Living Room

Well, in my opinion, the French Empire makes some of the perfect crystal chandeliers. You would be in a good place if you bought your living room, bedroom, dining room, and staircase chandelier from them.

The brand has been in existence for many decades and is one of the most celebrated models today. More importantly, it has some cool design features that give most homes the smoothness that they deserve.

Even so, there are many other models that will still make very good crystal chandeliers. Some of them include:

  • Generic Island

Where Can I Buy My Best Chandeliers?

There are many places where crystal chandeliers can be bought. However, buying online would make a better option. With a range of products to choose from and some of the best product cuts, buying online saves time and cuts costs.

More importantly, you will get the best services with doorstep deliveries and hassle-free shopping and shipping experiences. Make sure that you look through the models that you have before paying for the final one.

What are the Chandeliers for Dining Room?

Depending on your needs, the perfect chandeliers for your dining room will actually depend on your needs. If the chandelier design meets your needs, you’d be home and dry. So look for a model that’ll leave you with the right pricing, brightness, design, and which gives you the coolest ambiance.

How Do I Take Care of My Living Room Chandeliers?

Let me first say that proper care of your chandelier will provide your chandelier with better efficiency. You will have a long-lasting chandelier. More importantly, you will enjoy the value of your money.

To take proper care of your chandelier, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind…

  • Use the warranty
  • Dust your chandelier
  • Follow the user manual

What Other Factors Should I Look for When Buying bedroom chandeliers?

Like I mentioned above, there are many factors that you must keep in mind when buying your bedroom chandeliers. However, there are many other tips too:

  1. Price of Model
  2. User Feedback
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Style design (round, circular, pendant)

NOTE: It is important to have a chandelier that suits your need, and incorporating these tips can be quite helpful too.


With the right knowledge, you can see that choosing the chandeliers for living room is no brainer at all. However, you should make sure that the brand or model that you end up with suits your needs.

More importantly, it should have the ability to leave you with the best user experience. If your chandelier comes with a warranty, don’t damage the warranty by mishandling the chandelier at all.

If you do all these in a proper way, your chandelier should be able to last longer and perform better. You’ll again have a top-class ambiance than what you had before.

So now change that your living room, dining room, and bedroom using the most viable option right now. Bring in the perfect living room chandeliers and get the ultimate touch.