Mapei Grout Refresh: How Long Does It Last

Are you disturbed by the look your kitchen floor grouts have? Do you think you should change the title immediately? Well, you might be thinking of buying whole new tiles for your kitchen, but hold on for a second.

Before you begin making arrangements for a total redesign, let us acquaint you with Mapei grout refresh colors.

An answer for remodeling and making your grout dirt-free.This is how it works. In this article, you will get to know how long Mapei grout refresh lasts.

You can easily restore your recolors of the grouts in a way that they look completely new. You don’t need to fix an extra budget for the renovation of the grouts.

You can just take a bottle of Mapei grout to refresh color and an unused toothbrush. Now start creating something new on the old grout immediately.

How long does Mapei grout refresh last?

How long does Mapei grout refresh last?

Now you are maybe wondering, does Mapei grout refresh last long? No need to worry about it. The grubby grout you clean with Mapei grout refresh remains as it has been for a pretty long time. It depends on the way you use the kitchen after cleaning. You have to keep it clean.

However, you might be tired of seeing the grout getting dirty again and again. With grout refresh colors, you will get a guarantee of a long-time clean and new color on your grout.

It protects the grout lines from getting stained by messes and spills. You will see there is a static color on the grout. Grout refresh erases the stains and gives it a new look that will never disappear.

Suitable for Use

The grout pigment and the sealer is well-suited with epoxy, cement, urethane, and acrylic. You can apply it on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Before applying to the surface, clean it properly.

After cleaning the surface, you should dry it for a while. After this, make sure there are no other substances on the floor that might cause the reduction of adhesion.

If the adhesion gets reduced, the pigment will not be long-lasting. So make sure the floor is empty.

Right Pigment

You will find at least 40 types of standard grout refresh colors. So, you don’t need to worry about whether you will find the right pigment for your surface.

You can easily find the matching color from the list. The available alternative allows the user to choose from a wide range of varieties. The user gets the freedom to color his floor grouts as he wishes.

If you wish to mix the colors, you can buy separate colors for every 300 feet. In that case, you can choose a small 8-ounce Mapei grout colorant to shake things up.

Advanced Formula

Mapei grout colors and sealers are structured utilizing a water-based method where there are no destructive substances. You will get superior color. Mapei protects your surfaces from future unwanted stains and dirt.

The product is produced with modern technology, so the user doesn’t get frustrated by using it. Advanced formula helps keep the grout new-looking for a long time.

With Mapei grout refresh you are getting a guarantee of non-flammable colorant. The color is not harmful and ok for use inside and outside spaces.  Grout Refresh is an eco-friendly answer for developing your tile grout faster.

Easy to Use

Dirty and discolored grouts can spoil the beauty of the whole room. There are different corners of the rooms where it is not easy to apply the grout refresh colors.

So you need something easy-to-use formula so that you get rid of all the unwanted stains on the floor. Mapei grout refresh is a powerful solution to this pesky issue.

The first application, makes the floor look brand new. Using Mapei grout to refresh colors is super easy. Just apply grout refresh on the grout joints.

Then use a brush to spread the paste equally on the whole grout. Moisten the area with water after that for 30 to 60 minutes. Then remove excess colorant with a scrub pad.

Finally, wipe clean with a sponge for a fantastic new finish. It is so easy to use the Mapei grout refresher.

Application Tricks to Apply

Clean the floor before starting to apply it. Use a knife to clean the harsh stained area. Put a dab or grout refresh on the farmost corner of the room. It will be easier to clean.

Applying grout refresh on the floor is a tiring job. So if you want to avoid getting tired then take a break during work time. Or you can space the whole work and do it in a few days. That will make it easier to complete.


  • It makes your kitchen look newer.
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in 36 to 40 standard colors.
  • High-quality product
  • Advanced technology used
  • Long-lasting grout color


  • Needs an extra coat to work well on old stains.
  • Sometimes time-consuming.


I bought a Mapei white color refresh, but it looks grey. Will it remain like this or has a chance to change?

Answer: The color should look white. Make sure you clean the surface well. Clean it from dirt, and grime. The dirt may be causing the grey look.

How much space I can color with a bottle?

Answer: You can cover a 10×10 feet bathroom floor with just half of the bottle.

Final Verdict

To wrap it up, I must say Mapei Grout Refresh is designed to give your floor color a completely new look. It restores the grout colors. Change the grout pigment and easy to apply. Mapei color refresh will give a uniform color.

To eliminate the dirty grout problem immediately and to get a stain-free appearance at a glance, adopt Mapei grout refresh. A single application can bring back the grout color you saw when you bought new tiles.

So without hesitating or having any doubt, you can go buy Mapei grout refresh colors. I hope you will not be disappointed with this solution.

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