How To Use Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaner – An Easy Guide

Looking for a new vacuum cleaner? Do you need the ideal cleaning tool for your home or office? Looking for a new vacuum cleaner?

Do you need the ideal cleaning tool for your home or office? If so, then no worries. We’ll cut your search short.

And we’ll do so by recommending how to use the shark robot vacuum! It’s the ideal homeowner’s cleaning item. It’s easy to use and handle. And it’s loved by those who own it! And if you’re wondering how then keep reading.

Below, we’ll dissect this vacuum cleaner series, and what makes it amazing. We’ll also showcase some facts based on Shark Robot Vacuum. We’ll give you the necessary insight into user experience, and what you should know!

Best Way To Use Shark Robot Vacuum?

how to use shark iq robot without wifi

First – Manufacturer Info

This unique series of vacuum cleaners is designed by the Shark® brand. Founded by Mark Rosenzweig, this brand is a branch of the Shark Ninja Operating LLC.

It’s a company with origins in Montreal, Canada. Recently, the company has relocated to Needham, Massachusetts.

Basically, this company hasn’t been in business for too long. However, the company seeks to revolutionize home care.

And it does so by supplying a variety of uniquely built products! The Shark vacuum cleaner series is on this list.

In fact, the company doesn’t offer a single vacuum cleaner only. It offers an entire set that you can try!

What Does the Company Offer?

The vacuum cleaners you can buy include…

  • Cordless vacuums.
  • Corded vacuums.
  • Upright vacuums.
  • Handheld vacuums.

And of course, there’s the fifth type that makes this company unique – the robot vacuum. We won’t discuss the previous four today. After all, you might have tried them all already. So we’ll focus on robot cleaners for now!

Robot Vacuum Basics

Shark’s robot vacuums are based on smart operation. They’re designed with a feature that makes their control easy and automated. Those vacuums operate by self-maintenance.

They have self-clean and self-empty features that make them easy to use! Plus, they have a unique look to them too! Robot vacuum cleaners look futuristic and high-tech. So aesthetically, they’re suitable for modern tastes!

On average, those are suitable prices for high-tech vacuum cleaners. They cost as much as smartphones…And that’s how much you should be paying for them, anyway.

But let’s get into the details. We’ll discuss each model below. We’ll display their pros and cons while referencing a shark robot vacuum.

What About User Experience?

shark iq robot reviews

The item itself is very light. It weighs around 5.7 lbs. This makes it perfect for multiple forms of vacuum cleaning. You can use it to clean floors in wide rooms.

Alternatively, you can use it to clean smaller items and tighter corners. Basic examples include sofa cleaning, shelf vacuuming, and even cleaning car seats! That’s right. It’s small and compact.

So it’s perfect as a handheld vacuum cleaner! Also, the suction power on this device is amazing. Even negative reviews on Amazon praise the device’s suction power.

And the wheels are another point of praise too. The vacuum cleaner’s wheels let it move smoothly, even on rough surfaces. This makes it difficult to get stuck. And you can use this device effectively in crowded rooms too!

Any Possible Issues?

There have been issues related to its power use. Charging seems to be an issue after the first 2-3 months. The battery doesn’t last long enough for many users.

This has led to return attempts (and sometimes) – the need to replace the battery for a new one. So the power use of this model seems to be a problem. Otherwise, its performance is simply fantastic!

Who Do We Recommend This Model To?

We recommend it to first-time robot vacuum users. It’s small, and compact, and it doesn’t come with excessive features. So it’s an easy starting model to get used to.

But once you do, you’ll get a taste for robot vacuums. And you’ll feel like moving on to more advanced models, such as…

The Shark IQ R100W

Consider this a minor upgrade of the previous. It shares many features, such as…

  • Wi-Fi and application control.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Payment through Installments (Using Affirm).

There are minor differences though. For starters, that warranty isn’t limited (like with the previous model).

  • It’s a VIP warranty. And it entitles you to repairs (for any reason), where you get the following benefits…
  • FREE shipping back and forth for repairs.
  • FREE fixes and replacements.

And did we mention a unique money back” guarantee too? You can actually replace this model within 90 days of purchase. This solves the problems that the ION R87 had (mainly the power problems 2-3 months after purchase).

Any Pricing Differences?

Surprisingly, the manufacturer offers a cheaper deal than Target. Target sells the R100W at $449. But Shark’s website sells it for $349!That’s shaving $100 off your vacuum cleaner purchase!

Plus, buying from the manufacturer directly gets you the VIP benefits we previously mentioned. And for this purchase, the manufacturer is who we’ll recommend.

What Makes This Model Unique?

Let’s start with the IQ feature. Unlike the ION vacuum cleaner, this one has IQ navigation. It’s a smart feature that lets it effectively plan its motion through your home.

With this vacuum cleaner, you won’t worry about it getting stuck. Nor will you worry about unclean areas! And it does all this by mapping out your home.

So it isn’t only effective at cleaning one room. It can clean multiple at a time! We should also mention a self-cleaning brush roll. If dust accumulation is a problem for you, then worry no more. This product takes care of all those problems!

The Shark IQ R101AE

shark iq robot rv1000

This is the most advanced vacuum cleaner in the lineup. It’s also an upgrade of the R100W, and it comes with extra features.

But let’s start with the similarities…This vacuum cleaner has the free shipping of the previous models. It’s designed with an IQ navigation system.

And it also has the same VIP warranty as the R100W! But it has to. Being the star model of Shark, it has to come with advanced features!

What Makes This Vacuum Worth the Price?

As we mentioned, it has the features of the R100W. But it does come with the bonus of a self-emptying bag. This model can hold up to a month of debris and dirt.

So it’ll vacuum your home on its own for a long period of time. Beyond that point, you won’t have to empty the bag on your own.

You can save yourself the trouble with automated emptying! Plus, the suction power of this device is amazing. It can pick up pet hair with ease (and in large quantities).

Any Problems With This Model?

As noted by some shark robot vacuum reviews – there are a few.

First, it’s loud. This vacuum cleaner can be heard a few rooms away (which shouldn’t be a smart feature). But that can be excusable, assuming the loudness has to do with its suction power.

The second issue is the carpet flooring. There are reports of this device slowing down when cleaning carpets. This may have to do with the wheels being unable to adapt well on those surfaces.

Third, the self-empty feature sometimes missed. That is, the vacuum cleaner may forget that it’s time to clear the content. And this may lead to the bin getting overfilled. Even worse, it leads to the brush areas being full of dirt as well.


This model takes some getting used to. And it’s for advanced users who can maintain a robot vacuum cleaner well!

Final Verdict – What Should You Pick?

All the previous vacuum cleaners are amazing. But each works well for a different type of client…

The first is best for beginners. If you’re still learning to use vacuum cleaners (and don’t want anything too advanced), then it’s for you. As for the IQ models – we recommend getting those for larger homes (and more advanced users).

We recommend seeking someone who has bought a shark robot vacuum review before. Ask them what they think. Let them give you insights into how they see their performance. And that’ll help you make the right purchase decision!

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