Hoover Vs Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner

One of the most common questions in the vacuum industry is which brand of vacuum cleaners is the best for cleaning. Hoover vs Bissell carpet cleaners, which one will be worth guying?  

If you are planning on getting one of these, then you are in the right place! Before investing in something you definitely should know every important detail about the product.

In this article, we have written about the differences between Bissell and Hoover portable carpet cleaners. Let’s compare both of the brands and see which one is the best.

Which One is Better: Hoover or Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are one of the essential gadgets if you want to keep your carpet clean and stain-free. Trust me! Some carpets can be really heavy to wash with hands, that’s where portable carpet cleaners come in handy.

The Bissell versus Hoover carpet cleaners are well known for their amazing result in cleaning performance. Also, both of these machines are manufactured to keep your carpet beautiful and clean. However, which is best? Let’s go discuss and see

Hoover Carpet Cleaners:

Hoover Vs Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner

Hoover carpet cleaners are pretty popular for great cleaning performance. Hoover carpets are manufactured to spray and scrub on the carpet adequately to remove stubborn stains and dirt.

It can also clean spills, pet fur, and human hair. It also comes with a drying feature which will help you to dry the carpet easily.


Hoover carpet cleaners are really lightweight to use compared to Bissell carpet cleaners. These machines are manufactured to be easy to use.

A hoover normally weighs around 9 pounds. We think weight is surely an important thing for a gadget that is labeled as a portable machine.

Tank capacity:

Tank capacity is one of the essential parts of a carpet cleaner,  Hoover carpet cleaners come with two tanks that have two different purposes.

One tank is going to hold the clean water and the second one will hold the dirty water. It’s a very good feature but it will be a hassle to refill water many times.


Hoover carpet cleaning machine comes with a multipurpose tool with a cleaning solution.


Hoover carpet cleaner comes with a not-so-long cord which is a downside if you’re trying to clean a big area. You will definitely have to plug in and out to cover a certain area.

Cons and pros:

  • PRO prevents bad smells from occurring from dirt.
  • CON: doesn’t have a big tank capacity that causes multiple refills.
  • PRO: lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • CON: doesn’t come with a very long cord.

Bissell carpet cleaners:

Bissell carpet cleaners
Bissell carpet cleaner

Bissell carpet cleaners are amazing as well it has great suction power which will help you to remove bad stains and dirt as well, some of the Bissell carpet cleaners have the ability to clean strings too, with the help of a washing solution it provides fantastic results.


Bissell carpet cleaners, on the other hand, can be heavier compared to Hoover carpet cleaners, this machine weighs around 16 pounds.


Bissell carpet cleaner comes with 2 tools which are a 3-inch stain tool and a 3-inch stair tool. Also, the packaging comes with a cleaning solution which makes the work easier.


Bissell carpet cleaner comes with a longer cord than Hoover carpet cleaner which is good for cleaning a large area. You will not have to change plugs to clean.

Cons and pros:

  • PRO: powerful suction and also cleans strings.
  • CON: hard to carry around cause it’s the weight.
  • PRO: Has a big tank that takes less refill.
  • PRO: comes with a large cord which makes cleaning big areas easily

Self-Cleaning Technology:

A machine that has a self-cleaning feature is wonderful. You do not need to worry about Maintenance. Hoover cleaners prevent the development of bad odor caused by dirt.

All you have to do is place the hose into the cleaning port on the back and turn the machine on. It will get rid of the bad odor on its own.

Bissell carpet cleaner does not come with self-cleaning technology. So some bad odors may appear while you are cleaning your carpet.

Bottom line:

Hoover or Bissell carpet cleaners are greatly designed and manufactured to provide you with amazing cleaning results. A clean-looking carpet can give your house a fresh and beautiful look.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-carry carpet cleaner, then we recommend you to go for the Hoover carpet cleaners cause,

Hoover carpet cleaning machines are lightweight, which makes them easy to use and carry around. But if you’re looking for a deep clean on a heavy carpet, then you should definitely go for the Bissell carpet cleaner, the bad side of it will be the weight, other than that both cleaners are good. Both of the cleaners come with their essential tools.

Also, with more tank capacity, Bissell carpet cleaner is the winner, cause of its water capacity it will be less refilled and more cleaned.

More water also keeps the waterless dirty, however, Hoover carpet cleaner is more organized because of its two-tank system. Get one you prefer to use.

The self-cleaning technology that the Hoover carpet cleaner has is also a plus point for users. Also, Bissell carpet cleaner has longer cords which is a point for Bissell.

Note: Do not buy these gadgets from any third-party sites. Hoover and Bissell both if this brand has their own websites.

Third-party sites can lure you by showing discounts or coupons on their sites and do damage to you. Buy from the authentic place for the original product. Prevent yourself from falling for scams and trickery.

Why Buy a Carpet Cleaner:

Hoover Vs Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners that you use to clean wood or tile floors can be also used as carpet cleaners but, a normal vacuum cleaner will not give you the grand result.

Some nasty-looking stains can’t be removed by any vacuum cleaner or home remedies. Dirty carpets are a bad look for your beautiful home. Also, if you have kids playing on dirty carpets, it can cause your child’s health issues.

Dirty carpets contain a bad amount of germs and bacteria as we walk on them and sometimes we spill food or drink on carpets as well.

A clean carpet is really essential for health if you think wisely. Investing in a carpet cleaner is just not an investment, it also provides you with good hygiene.

Both of these carpet cleaners use cleaning solutions so, make sure to buy good quality and antibacterial solutions to work with.

Also, some carpets are really heavy if you try to clean those by washing with hands it’s really hard and time-consuming as well.

You can easily clean your carpet using Bissell vs Hoover vacuums cause of its portability. You wouldn’t have to hire expensive carpet cleaners anymore.

Is Carpet Cleaner Worth Your Money?

Hoover Vs Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner

Hiring a company that will clean the carpet for you can be pretty expensive. Some companies charge $25-$75 per room (charges might be different depending on where you live and how much mess has to be cleaned). 

So, buying a carpet cleaner can save you a ton of money if you think logically. As we have stated, carpet cleaners are designed to keep your carpet looking new and clean.

So if you own carpets, and want them to look clean and new, buying a carpet cleaner is definitely worth your money.

Clean carpets are just not good to look at but also hygienic and germs-free. If you have kids and pets playing on the carpet, then you surely would want to keep the carpet sterile.

What to Check Before Buying?

Before you buy one of these carpet cleaners make sure to check on the product reviews first. In the review section, people share their experiences, and cons and pros of the products in some words.

The two products we have shown in this article are here because we have done the research for you.

Check the build materials as well. Check the cord sizes because short cords can be pretty tough to work with, you’ll have to switch plugs here and there to clean the carpet properly, avoid buying cheap carpet cleaners cause, carpet cleaners are heavy-duty machines if you get a good ones will give you a long-term service.

Look for the extra features that come with the machine, and make sure the buyer provides you with the accessories you need to work with, without those the machine is useless. Before purchasing, you should definitely check a few sites and talk to someone who owns one.


We really hope we can provide you with some information that you’re looking for, on top of this article, we tried to give you a comparison of Hoover Vs Bissell carpet cleaning machines.

By the end of this article, you should be able to make a choice of your own if you have any questions about which one to get. However, we can take the decision from the above discussion if Bissell is better than a Hoover.

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