The Truth About Do You Really Need a Toilet Brush?

Do You Really Need a Toilet Brush

In this article, we are gonna learn about the use of toilet brushes. How can you keep your toilet brushes clean, and why are they dangerous?

The debate of “Do you really need a toilet brush, has a mixed conclusion. Sometimes you will find them highly beneficial.

However, many experts believe that toilet brushes are not hygienic ways of cleaning your toilet.

For a final decision, have to consider some uses and dangerous effects of toilet brushes.

Do You Really Need a Toilet Brush?

We will talk about the usage of toilet brushes, which will give you a clear idea if we really need it or not.

Uses of Toilet Brushes:

A typical toilet brush has a rounded shape, a hard bristle end, and a long handle. Firstly toilet brushes were made of wood and horse hairs and badgers. But nowadays, plastic is all around, and now you will find toilet brushes in plastic form.

For storage, you can use a holder or put it into a hidden tube for a more hygienic environment. Here are some uses of toilet brushes.

  • With a toilet brush, you can clean the inside of your toilet. For complete cleaning of the toilet bowl, you can use a toilet cleaner or bleach with a toilet brush.
  • You can clean the upper area of the toilet and area and the area around the bowl.
  • Toilet brushes do proper scrubbing of your toilet bowl.
  • They are used for removing any side marks from your loo.
  • They can be used for the proper cleaning of your toilet bowl with any cleaner.

How to Clean a Toilet Brush?

how often should you clean your toilet brush

According to hygiene expert Stephanie C by Expert Home Tips, it is hygienic to clean your toilet brush after every use. The reason is when you keep a dirty brush, the germ multiplication increases in its bristle. Here is the proper method for how to clean a toilet brush.

  • First, take a bucket and add boiling water to it.
  • Now add a little quantity of bleach to hot water.
  • Wear your hand-rubber gloves.
  • If you are doing procedures in any close area, try to open any window. The reason is in a close area; you can get eye irritation problems.
  • Now put the toilet brush in the bucket and shake it slowly.
  • After shaking, leave the brush in the bucket for about one hour.
  • After one hour, take it out and wash it out with clean water.
  • For cleaning the holder, use any disinfectant spray, wash the holder with hot water and rinse it off.
  • After cleaning of the holder, store your toilet brush in the holder.

Why are Toilet Brushes Dangerous?

how to clean a toilet brush with poop on it

Many experts believed that toilet brushes are filthy, unhygienic, and messy. The reason for this belief has its own logic. For instance, you clean your toilet bowl with a toilet brush; you scrub your toilet brush again with all the residual stools.

On the other hand, you know your toilet brush bristles are made of plastic and in a round shape. In this way, there is a great chance that bacteria or any other harmful microorganism will transfer to the bristles of your brush.

After that, when you store your toilet brush in the holder in wet condition, you provide a perfect environment for organisms to grow. So the bacteria go farther and spread all around, which is totally messy for a place used to get yourself hygienic.

Are there any other ways to clean a toilet bowl without a toilet brush?

Experts who believe that toilet brushes are unhygienic offer different methods to clean your toilet bowl without a toilet brush. There are two other methods for this.

  • The first method is to wear your hand gloves and stick them into the bowl.
  • The other method is to empty a can of cola all around your toilet bowl. Now leave it overnight, and flush it out in the morning.


This review offers a complete guide to whether you need toilet brushes and some dangerous side of toilet brush uses. In conclusion, we can conclude things with the final words that toilet brushes are quick to clean your toilet bowl.

However, if you do not take care of your toilet brushes’ proper cleaning, then there is nothing filthy and messy other than a toilet brush. So it is necessary to clean and replace your toilet brush regularly for hygienic use.

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