Best LED Light for Kitchen Ceiling

From dawn to dusk, for filling our appetite or to make food preparations for our close ones, we spend the majority of our day in kitchen. And to accomplish our tasks smoothly, a favorable kitchen environment is a must. And among all the necessary objects, well-designed kitchen lighting is a must. So, we need to be selective in picking the best LED light for kitchen ceiling according to our necessities. For example- when cooking raw meat, you must want to be sure that your meat is thoroughly cooked. Therefore, the light under which you are cooking, if not clear enough for your visual perspective, then this can affect your perception of the color and the ingredients for cooking.

Importance of Adequate Kitchen Lighting:

There are lots of reasons for which best lighting for dark kitchen is necessary. The reasons are stated below:

To maximize the visibility of work areas as inappropriate lighting may cause eye fatigue and headaches.

To ensure food safety in terms of avoiding food poisoning and so on.

To ensure smoother food preparation

To ensure the safety of the individual working in the kitchen as, the kitchen is a place where knife or other sharp objects are used for chopping.

To ensure favorable work environment in kitchen as proper lighting makes the task easier.

To ensure the beautification of the kitchen of offices, home, large hotels and restaurants

To prevent workplace incidents by the visibility of moving machinery, cylinder, oven, etc.


One house is usually divided into multiple corners, which can serve multiple purposes. It can be a place where you can relax, work on the computer, do arts and crafts, cook, share a meal with friends, and much more. Therefore, according to the nature of the work, lighting features need to correspond to the setting of the room. As here we are focusing on kitchen lighting, to meet the purpose of both personal and business level kitchen decoration, the lighting suggestion may be effective.

Patricia Rizzo, who works in Lighting Research center says- “The best advice I can offer is the following: no matter what you do, or what you hope to accomplish, always install three types of lighting in a room.” People often expect a single source of light to meet all their needs. But according to the lighting expert, people should use 3 types of light in their house as; each of the three types of lighting has a particular function to fulfill specific needs, which are:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting

1. Ambient lighting:

General or ambient lighting helps to light up the entire room. It provides a uniform level of illumination throughout the space independently compared to other lighting source. Ambient lighting can be classified into two types. They are-

Ambient Indoor Lighting

Its purpose is to ensure safe and easy visualization, as well as to create an overview of the room. The ambient light reflects on the walls to enlighten as much space as possible. They are of different types-

  • Chandelier
  • Ceiling mounted fixture
  • Wall-mounted fixture
  • Traditional recessed fixtures and / or LED down lights
  • Track light
  • Floor lamp
  • Table lamp, etc.

Ambient Outdoor Lighting

This type of lighting is usually installed in order to ensure visibility and increase security around a building. It is recommended to light up the exterior of the building, entrances and stairs to reduce the chances of risk or injury that may occur when entering and leaving the building or the work premises. They are of different types-

  • Spotlight
  • Hanging fixture
  • Garage and canopy lighting
  • Post lantern
  • Wall lighting
  • Recessed fixture used in overhanging structures etc.

2. Task lighting:

To perform a particular task, it becomes important to avoid harsh light or troublesome shadow. It may be a particular space where a person carries out his task like-where he reads cooks or work in a computer.

 A brighter light is required in a smaller focal point of the room for these sorts of tasks. And to ensure this, task light may be a favorite choice. It is suggestive to install an independent lighting switch for focal lighting for an easy use. Task lightings are of different types-

  • Pendant lighting
  • Slim line bar and under cabinet
  • Tape and extrusion
  • Directional gimbal recessed fixture or down light
  • Portable or desk lamp etc.

3. Accent lighting:

This type of light is mainly used to focus on a specific point of interest or if it becomes imperative to achieve a desired effect. This type of lighting gives the impression of a larger room.

 In order to highlight an architectural feature, a plant (In outdoor layout), and a sculpture or to focus on a collection objects, this types of lighting is used more frequently. To ensure the effectiveness of accent lighting, it is imperative to install three times more light on the focal point compared to the ambient light. Accent lightings are as follows:

  • Slim line bar and under cabinet
  • Tape and extrusion
  • Directional recessed fixture or down light
  • Wall-mounted fixtures
  • Track light

Product Overview

I suggest some of the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling below for your better recognition of its greatest patterns. They are as follows:

1. 13 inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

Flush mount Led ceiling light is popular among users. It is perfect for any kind of room in a house, including kitchen, closets, hallways, bedrooms, basements, washrooms, etc. It is usually installed into the ceiling junction box and tends to be located in the middle of the room, which helps to illuminate the optimal amount of light to meet the general purposes.

If you want the best look to match the decor for your kitchen, whether contemporary or traditional, flush mount ceiling light is the right combination of looks and utility. The special characteristics that it belongs is, two LED colors and three-position switch. This ceiling light is selectable. You can pre-set your preferred light color temperature: soft white or bright white, where either 3000K or 5000K is used.

Highlighted Features
  • Very quick and easy to install
  • It’s energy saving capacity is up to 80% in the product’s allover lifespan
  • It is safe to use as it avoid electric shock and fire hazard
  • It provides high performance
  • Its “glass” lens is actual frosted plastic, which has very light weight also with great looks
  • Price friendly
  • There are different brightness selection sections. They can be bright and supposedly dimmable according to your need
  • There are different sizes available
  • It has 5 years warranty and professional after- sales support

2. Taloya Flush Mount 12 Inch Ceiling Light (Milk White Shell): 

This is european made product. It is very common among users and quite a popular brand. So, you can freely use it for the kitchen to illuminate the place. This light is installed by mounting using the ceiling. There are three different Color temperatures available for Option: daylight, nature white, and warm white. As it has three different shades of white, you must remove the light from the ceiling to install your favorite shade.

The switch is on the backside of the light and sits in between the light and the wall/ceiling. After installing this light there is no need of extra bulbs. The output brightness of 20W Taloya LED ceiling light is equivalent to a traditional 200W Five-Bulbs (40W each). If you are looking for a good LED ceiling light with lower power but higher brightness output instead of a higher power, higher price, and then Taloya is your right choice.

Highlighted Features
  • It has most convenient installation system
  • It is easy to operate as the product has a regular ON/OFF wall switch
  • As most users don’t know which color temperature would fit in their room, the professional solution of Taloya ceiling light is – you could choose your favorite color only by sliding the button as, it has three color temperatures in one light
  • The power supply design of short circuit protection helps to prevent potential risk of electric shock, electric leakage and short circuit.
  • It has long term using reliability. Under normal usage of 8 hours per day, lifespan could endure more than 3 years.
  • Your monthly cost will be lower as it saves 90% energy
  • This is ultra slim LED light with only 2.4 cm (around 0.94 Inch) height
  • It has high quality material including exclusive fire-resistance plastic material (94v-0)
  • The dust proof performance is very outstanding. Due to brilliant product’s sealing, no dust can go inside. So, clean as always
  • It offers a 2 years warranty service

3. Torchstar Essential Series 12

Torchstar is one of the favorite brands among users. Torchstar is working with their goal to provide quality energy-saving lighting products for their customers. They have brought little expertise in LED technology. TORCHSTAR Essential Series is designed for providing high quality recessed lighting and perfect illuminating for every room of the house like- garages, kitchens, and even bathrooms.

It’s bright enough and wide applicable and will be blending seamlessly with every decor of the home. Torchstar is not only superior in performance but also makes your lighting experience more enjoyable and comfortable anytime and anywhere. TORCHSTAR Essential Series set the work mood, expands space, and creates stunning effects. It serves the user with less electrical power and more sustainable habitat for all living things.

Highlighted Features
  • This LED ultra-thin down light only need 2 inches of ceiling space
  • This LED light only needs 13.5W to match the output of a 75W light which helps to reduce cost in its 40,000hrs lifespan
  • Easy to install, as it can be quickly attached to the ceiling
  • The unique waterproof connectors make it great for wet and damp location
  • It ensures safety as the IC rating lets this light be in contact with insulation so you don’t need to worry about overheating and causing a fire
  • You can adjust the brightness from 100% to 10% to protect your eyes against irritating
  • It has a scratch-resistant frosted lens that prevents glare
  • It has a 5-years warranty

4. Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

It’s a favorite brand as well among LED light users. It is suggestive to use if you want to replace the old bulky lighting fixture with a modern and bright LED light. This is most popular as, this ceiling light is suitable for wet locations such as bathrooms and patio with a waterproof design. You can rest assured to use it in any place with water splashing.

Recommended installation areas are kitchen, bathroom, balcony, hallways, stairways, entry zone, etc. small spaces to have a best illuminating performance. But you will need a few more lights if you want to install it in a bigger room or spacious place. It is suggestive to install directly into a standard of 3 inches to 4-inch electrical box (All hardware included).

Highlighted Features
  • Dimmable to 10%, compatible with most standard dimmers
  • Convenient for dry or dam location
  • It provides small spaces having a best illuminating performance as, it has more accurate and vivid lighting
  • It helps to focus on any object’s original color comparative to other lighting alternatives.
  • It saves 80% of electricity bill as, its energy efficient 17W to replace 120W light
  • Easy to install as, this great light fixture is very easy to hook up
  • 5 years warranty assures the rated 25,000 lifetime (average 3-5 hours/day)

5. Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount

Airand 18W LED ceiling light is a great example of modern design LED light innovation. It is suggestive if you want to replace the old bulky lighting fixture with a fashionable and bright hallway ceiling light fixtures. The best part is while using it, there is no need of extra bulbs. it will be more brighter than the traditional incandescent bulb. Airand flush mount led ceiling Light fixture can be widely used in outdoors and indoors, corridor, bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, basement, office, warehouse, etc.

It has high-quality plastic material light cover, premium led beads, anti-glare lampshade with the best light transmission. In this ceiling light, it is used premium ABS+PC materials. Made to strict trade-secret standards and passed with a rigorous inspection. Every light comes with the certification of authenticity and is certified to nationally recognized standards for safety. This round ceiling light fixture has passed LVD / EMC / CE / ROHS certifications.

Highlighted Features
  • It possesses exceptional qualities with reliable certification to prove
  • By replacing 150W bulb to 18W unit, you can save 85% electricity bill
  • 120 piece LED chips without flickering is installed, which provide such greater shine that no other bulb is needed
  • It belongs extremely long life that reduces re-lamp frequency and save your effort to replace frequently
  • The milk white plastic with qualified LEDs keep your eyes free from harsh glare
  • This LED light is price friendly and easy to afford
  • The light appears elegant, neat and concise for different lighting decoration style
  • It is a waterproof ceiling lamp with IP44 ranking which works well in bathroom, kitchen or any place with water splashing

6. DLLT 4-Light Led Track Lighting Kit

LED kitchen ceiling lights may be a great choice for the kitchen. To meet the purpose of having a focus on any particular place of your kitchen or any other part of the house, you can delightfully use DLLT 4-light is a LED track lighting kit. The 4-Light track lighting is made of high-quality metal with matt nickel design, baking paint, no fading, corrosion resistance, and no cracking. This ceiling spotlight has a strong and focused beam and illuminates well in any other awkward-shaped room.

You can adjust the lights and arms to different angles, including a V shape, side to side, and up and down. The arm fully can rotate to 360︒, 4 track heads can be rotated to 330︒ horizontally and 90︒vertically. It includes four 3W gu10 base led bulbs, 960 total lumen light output, comparable to a 60-watt incandescent. 3000K warm white 85 CRI, which produces a more accurate color rendering to the objects around it.

Highlighted Features
  • It is a 3000K eye-care warm light AC86-265V
  • This light is easy to install, as it includes all mounting hardware and a canopy mounting plate
  • It has a double efficiency on heat-dissipation capacity
  • Bulbs can be replaced with 4W or 5W
  • This light creates a fashionable look as it creates a soft and attractive atmosphere
  • It has friendly after sales service including replacement and refund
  • It is a multi-Directional ceiling spot light fixture as it can be adjusted in multi angle
  • It is more durable as it has brush nickel to prevent rust
  • It has a longer life span over 50,000 hours
  • This LED bulb can save up to 85% energy, which saves electricity bill

7. Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light Fixture

Drosbey 36W LED ceiling light fixture is among the favorite ones. It is built–in a simple and elegant design that provides clean lighting to the living environment. This ceiling light has wide and great application in places like kitchens, closets, stair walls, hallways, bedrooms, basements, bathrooms, workshops, workbenches, equipment rooms, auto shops, and replacing fluorescent versions due to its super bright feature.

Installing a 5000K daylight white fixture will provide energetic, crystal clear lighting to your living environment and is highly suitable for most residential and commercial illumination. This LED flush mount ceiling light may be a perfect replacement for the 200W traditional halogen fixture that gives off 3200 Lumens and only consumes 36 Watts of energy compared to 200 Watt ceiling applications.

Highlighted Features
  • Easy to hook up due to the availability of mounting hardware accessories
  • It ensures safety as circuit protection function prevents the risk of electric shock, electrical leakage and other potential disasters
  • It offers simplistic but elegant design looks as the light provides an energetic, clean lighting to your living environment
  • It provides after sales service including free replacement or refund
  • It has 30,000 hours long life span which can be used 10 years based on 8 hours/day
  • Saves up to 70% of electricity bill as it has 36W low power consumption
  • Provides a 6 years warranty

8. LE Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

If you want to create an elegant or decorative environment with a strictly utilitarian object, ceiling flush mounts are perfect lighting solutions for any room within a home. In terms of creating stylish look, flush mounts ambient lights are available in a variety of styles to suit all design needs.

They can be widely used in foyers, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and dens. As it has a sealed design to protect against splashing water, it is suitable for bathrooms, porch, balconies, laundry, and kitchens. It possesses nonbug attracting criteria as well.

Highlighted Features
  • It has IP54 water resistant and dust proof fixture which is useful for water splashing areas
  • The slim designed elegant white ceiling lamp frequently blend with any interior style
  • Its glare-free characteristics will not cause any discomfort to your eyes
  • It is high color rendering where CRI is over 80. So, you will see colors as they are supposed to be
  • It will relieve you from frequent changing
  • It has 20,000 hours long lifespan which can be used 11 years or more based on working 5 hours/day
  • Save 85% energy by replacing 200W incandescent with 24W LED ceiling light.

9. LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Flush-mount light is having great popularity from the first or second decade. It has been possible due to the overuse of a certain style of dome-shaped lamp. However, this essential lighting element comes in a vast variety of styles and has many applications. Ever since its inauguration, this brand is trying to increase the dynamics of a room with different types of track lighting. This light is practical for areas like the kitchen, foyer, bedroom and many other alternatives. It may be ideal for retail or art collectors.

This LED ceiling’s lights have a CRI80+ rating, which allows the light to render more closely to the object’s true and original color. It is ETL certified, which ensures its safety. This even light distribution technology has 1400 lumens brightness, 3000k warm white, CRI 80+ with 120 wide beam angles.

Highlighted Features
  • Easy to install as all mounting hardware are included
  • This 20w warm LED light is equal to 125w incandescent lighting
  • Uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting
  • Compatible with most standard dimmers as, it is Dimmable from 10% to 100%
  • It has CR180+ rating that produce a more accurate light than other alternatives.
  • It has 50,000 hours long lifespan which can be used over 17 years based on 8 hrs. per day
  • This light lasts 10x longer than comparable halogen lights
  • You will enjoy 100% Refund/Replacement for any quality problem
  • Provides a 3 years warranty

10. AntLux 4FT LED Flush Mount Puff Lights

AntLux’s 4ft led light fixtures is among the most popular one. This 4 foot led kitchen fixture will provide you with brighter, durable, and high-efficiency lighting than traditional fluorescent tubes. It can be considered as the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

ANTLUX 4 foot led puff ceiling lights are ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, closets, living rooms, attics, bedrooms, foyers, offices, basements, storage rooms, garages, hallways, and fluorescent areas. Each 4 foot LED puff light comes with two led strips. So, no extra bulb is needed and the thermal formed diffusers used in this light provide soft and comfortable light with high trans missive.

Highlighted Features
  • This super bright LED provide 6600lm output only at 60 watts
  • No installation hassle as, it is quite easy to replace existing lights or make a new installation.
  • Safety and reliability of this product is certified by ETL
  • This kitchen light is produced using high quality LEDs and drivers with stable performance
  • This puffed LED light convey a perfect balance of new contemporary design with absolute elegance
  • It has 50,000 hrs. long life span which can last 23 years covering 6hrs/day
  • You can enjoy a maintenance free operation
  • Saves 70% of your electricity bill
  • It provides 100% satisfaction solution by providing after –sales service

Lighting Suggestion

For small kitchen: As small kitchens don’t overwhelm with the space, Mini-pendants are a smart choice for extremely small kitchens lighting. Therefore, if you don’t need a lot of extra lights in your kitchen and you want to add a stylish focal point as well, you can frequently go for Mini-pendant in the kitchen place.

For better formation, it will be better if you install the lights by keeping a space of two to three feet apart. As the right design of a kitchen helps to enhance the kitchen atmosphere, you can install large, canopy shade pendant light according to your choice and kitchen size.

For galley kitchen: As spacious kitchens can be decorated in different categories, you can choose more than one category of lights for illuminating the wide kitchen space. The best lighting options for a galley kitchen may include recessed pendant and chandelier lights.

For small task areas, Puck lights, under-cabinet lights, and recessed lighting are great to focus. You can also use bright paint color along with decorative lightings in small quantities for beautification of your kitchen.

Best color LED lights for kitchen

This time a question may arise in your brain that, which is the best color LED light for kitchen? And the answer is-There is two most popular colors available for LEDs. They are soft white (also called warm white) and bright white (also called daylight).

A warm white light bulb is recommended for the kitchen. These bulbs create a yellowish-white ray which is perfect for the kitchen space. A light with a hint of red is also a good option, as it is said that they are helpful to create appetite. In terms of brightness, approximately 7,000-8,000 lumens are recommended for kitchens.

And if you want to create a look of modern kitchen and if your perception offers that “brighter the better” cool white is better over there. Daylight bulbs are perfect for the kitchen because, all the food-related tasks like chopping vegetables or following recipes and cooking: all of the tasks are accomplished at a time in the kitchen.” But if you’re not someone who uses your kitchen for a lot of tasks, installing bulbs of high temperature might not be necessary.


Before choosing the best LED light for your kitchen, you need to consider three types of things. At first, you need to focus on the space or area that you belong. Only after considering the size of the kitchen you will be able to choose the best material for your kitchen. And the second is what kind of environment you want to create or what kind of lighting design would you prefer for your kitchen.

It is another important issue to consider before choosing the perfect light. And lastly, you need to consider the required brightness that you need. You need to choose the brightness according to your work pattern. The place you will be cooking or chopping should install a focused light for greater work benefit.

 You might like to choose to light options that are available with fully controllable dimmable features. For a nice and bright experience, closely spaced LEDs are a good choice. This will ensure that the area beneath the cabinet is lit properly. Proper lighting will ensure cooking is easier and comfortable in terms of sight, sound, smell, and taste. And last but not the least is you need to choose a warm light which is best for the eyes.

You can consider this line as a quote -“The lower the color temperature, the warmer the light will appear, or the redder it will appear. The higher the temperature, the cooler the light will appear, or the bluer it will look.”

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