The 5 Mapei Grout Refresh Reviews of 2024

Speak about protecting the grout or making the floor appealing. You must need Mapei grout to refresh. Mapei grout refresh works as a Mapei grout colorant and sealer both at one time. You can use it for several purposes, like making the floor colorful and sealing the grout properly.

The convenient part is this grout refresh will protect your floor from extreme stains. Even it will protect your floor grout from peeling out. In this matter, you need some effective and delightful grout refresh. For instance, I have tremendous Mapei Grout Refresh Reviews, a buying guide, and tips.

Grout refresh is available in various types and probably all the grout refresh is little well-known except Mapei. Mapei is one of the most remarkable and trustworthy grout refreshers you can ever choose. Their chemical and materials are so authentic.

Because of their pure chemical and color, they already gather a huge positive impression from all over the world. I know it’s been tough to choose the best one for ordinary people or beginners.

For your convenience, I assembled some experts’ recommendations and they suggested 5 best Mapei grout refreshes. Not only these Mapei grout refreshers are stable but also they are worthy too.

1. Grout Refresh – Ivory – 8oz. Bottle by Mapei

Our Top Pick
1. Grout Refresh – Ivory – 8oz. Bottle by Mapei
Product Specification:
  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎6 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎8 Ounces
  • The Manufacturer: Mapei
  • Item Model Number: CECOMINOD038366

Concerning the best-branded grout refresh Mapei’s name always will come out. It is one of the highest demandable grout colorant reviews and sealers. Basically, with this grout sealer, you can seal the whole room’s grout sides effortlessly.

As for your demands, the manufacturers launched a total of 40 several standard colors. Like Ivory, black, cobblestone, chamois, cocoa, frost, silver, and more elegant colors.

The majority numbers of people like to choose the ivory color because it matches their grout perfectly. Well, there is no restriction to use color; therefore, you can apply any color whatever you want.

Ultra Care Grout Refresh colorant and sealer not only make your grout side colorful but also will work as a protector from dust, dirt, and stains. You can apply this superb grout refresh on cement, acrylic, and urethane.

Even if these places are sanded or unsanded it doesn’t matter, still, you can apply it there. It comes with rich pigments and in one bottle you will get 8oz of polyblend colorant and sealer approximately.

The formula it has is quite impressive, a Non-toxic, water-based cleaning formula, that is usable at both interior and exterior places. The worthy fact is, that you can cover up to 300 square feet easily with one bottle of Mapei grout refresh colorant.

These features are the only reason I put this colorant in the Mapei grout first position.

  • Multiple colors are available to choose
  • Very advanced and high-quality paste
  • Easy remove and peel out
  • Protect from dust, stains, and dirt
  • Sometimes colors could be deep colors.

2. Mapei Ultracare SB Stone (Tile & Grout)

Best Overall
2. Mapei Ultracare SB Stone (Tile & Grout)
Product Specification:
  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎7.4 x 5.47 x 2.56 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎1.25 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: Mapei

Regarding the best tile and grout sealer, you won’t find an impeccable one like SB Stone. With some remarkable features and working abilities, it becomes so demandable and got huge priority from buyers. You can use it for various purposes, such as sealing cement, and swimming pool cement coloring.

Also, coloring and sealing your grout and tile both. Particularly, it’s a solvent-based sealer, which will attach to tiles and grout pretty effortlessly. The convenient part has it can prevent the toughest water-based and oil-based common stains.

Normally, not every grout refresher can’t deliver ensures resistance from water-based stains for 5 years, but it has these abilities.

Mapei Ultra care penetrating SB stone is specially structured so it can adjust the dense stone, granite, and unglazed tiles. The majority of grout refreshers can’t attach themselves to granite and porcelain tiles, but it has this quite an amazing feature.

You can apply this tile grout sealer on the interior and exterior of both sided places. Such as marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, granite, and travertine.

Poor weather conditions will affect this liquid, therefore, make sure you have better and normal weather. With one gallon of liquid, you can cover up to 125 to 250 square ft area comfortably.

  • Easy to apply for beginners
  • You can seal numerous types of tiles
  • It resists water and oil stains
  • Covering limit is quite praisable
  • The price is a little costly

3. GroutMaster Tile and Grout Cleaner 6 lbs

Best Seller
3. GroutMaster Tile and Grout Cleaner 6 lbs
Product Specification:
  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎8.4 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎6 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎TRUCK MOUNT FORUMS
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA

Talk about the most elite and price-worthy grout cleaner, Grout master tile, and grout cleaner is so outstanding. This grout refresh comes in two various styles by their size, one is 6lbs weight and the other one is 40lbs gallon. 6lbs liquid is more virtuous than 40lbs gallon grout clear liquid.

You can seal the side of your grout and tile quietly. In fact, it is also known as the super-concentrated grout cleaner ever. The majority numbers of grout cleaners come as liquid unless this one. Grout master cleaner is a power-type chemical.

Basically, it’s a refresher, so how you will use it? Let me clarify, take 1-2 scoop powder and mix it in the 2-4oz. gallon water. Because it dissolves fast, it will not require being ready to use. Then you have to spray the dirty grout and wait for 5-10 minutes long.

After that, rub that place with a shop vac and mop, and then it will peel the dirt from tiles. In my consideration, this major tile and grout cleaner could be an impeccable grout clean for you. You can use it in your kitchen, swimming pool, room floor, and other places smoothly.

  • It dissolves conveniently fast
  • For cleaning purposes, it will be a perfect one
  • It can remove stains and dirt from tiles easily
  • Usable at multiple places
  • It isn’t a low-cost grout cleaner

4. Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA Rapid-Setting Grout 10 lb Bag (Rain)

Best Material
4. Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA Rapid-Setting Grout 10 lb Bag (Rain)
Product Specification:
  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎3 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎10 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎MAPEI
  • Material: ‎Cement

Grout sealer and colorant are amazing useful liquids or powders. But when it comes to Mapei ultra color plus, things become more fabulous. You might have seen lots of Mapei grout refresh bottles or gallons, but this one is unique.

Because the whole grout sealer comes with a 10lbs bag. Over 38 various colors are available in this Mapei refresh. Some ultra-unique colors like alabaster, driftwood, chamois, mahogany, walnut, and more.

Particularly, not only this Mapei will work as a grout colorant review and sealer but also you can use them as a grout replacement. Sanded grout or unsanded both will suit this Mapei grout sealer.

Very easy to use and setting it is pretty effortless. The convenient part of this colorant is; that it’s totally efflorescence-free. With 10lbs mapei you can cover up to 400-500 square feet.

Also, it ensures higher polymer content, HCT reduces the absorption and increases stain resistance. These are actual significant features, which are pretty practical. Overall, this Mapei colorant is going to work for you superbly.

  • Multiple colors are available to choose
  • Easy to use and setting
  • It can resist tough and rough stains
  • You can use it as a grout replacement
  • Storing the bag could be a little difficult

5. Grout Refresh – White – 8oz. Bottle.

Best Budget-friendly
5. Grout Refresh – White – 8oz. Bottle
Product Specification:
  • Product Dimensions: ‎2 x 2 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎8 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Mapei
  • Item Model Number: WATERBASED

Numerous people love to put white tiles on their floors, and while refreshing them they must choose a white grout refresher. This Mapei branded grout refresh has over 40 standard colors. Some unique colors like the Bahama’s beige acorn, bone ceramic, light almond, mint, and more.

Conveniently, you can choose your favorite one from multiple colors with any effort. Not only it will remove year’s dirt but also it will protect your grout from tough and Mapei grout stains.

Approximately you can apply the liquid on cement, epoxy, acrylic, and urethane types of tiles and grouts. With 8 oz. rich pigments (237mL) you can cover up to 300 square feet comfortably.

It comes with a very reliable advanced formula that’s why it is non-toxic, water-based, and inflammable. Assuredly, it will be a perfect choice for you don’t hesitate about it.

  • Easy to use for everyone & armatures
  • Nontoxic, water-based, and inflammable
  • You can cover 300 square feet with it
  • Multiple unique colors are available
  • Fortunately, I didn’t find any cons to it.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Mapei Grout

Sometimes I’m deceived by fake products and it has become an ordinary thing nowadays. The original reason I was deceived was because of a lack of proper information about that product. Things are as same with the Mapei grout refreshes as others.

Because of the proper features information, people can’t buy a perfect and needy one for them. For instance, I point out some crucial facts, which things you should consider before purchasing a Mapei grout refresh.


Exactly, the formula is the priority you should give while choosing a Mapei grout sealer. The reason is, that some grout refresh doesn’t come with a risk-free formula, which could cause you badly. In this case, try to look for polymer-modified colorant and sealer-type grout refresh. Because these are pretty friendly formulas to use.


Obviously, colors play an essential role in the tiles. I apply numerous colorful tiles and grout on the floors. Unfortunately, if you choose an unmatchable color that will not suit your tiles. Therefore, that grout refresh will be totally worthless for you. That’s why, consider first, what color will suit your tiles then choose.


Well, protection is the main thing you have to be concerned about first. Don’t buy a grout refresh if it hasn’t water-based chemicals. Water-based chemicals will never catch fire because they are inflammable. So for better protectiveness, try to choose water-based chemicals.

Liquid amount

Basically, grout refresh paste or liquid comes in various amounts. That’s why you have to consider how much liquid will require you. For example, 8oz. liquid can cover up to 300 square feet. So, calculate now how much will need you then purchase.


The price isn’t negotiable while buying a grout refresh. There is a fixed price of theirs but some bottles are quite expensive to buy. In this case, you can choose Grout Refresh – White – 8oz. Bottle because it is quite affordable to buy.

Suitable objects

If you have a Marvel tile and grout refresh that doesn’t suit that, it will be a total waste of money. That’s why read the suitable objects first and look at what type of tiles and grouts you have and will they match with grout refresh or not. Mapei Ultra Care Penetrating SB Stone supports several types of objects therefore you can choose it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Mapei grout refresh?

Using Mapei grout refresh is quite simple but you have to know how to use it exactly. I have some very ordinary and easy processes that you can follow assuredly while using Mapei grout refresh.

  • First of all, collect some materials like a sponge, application brush, and scrub pad
  • Now clean the grout or tile surface with the sponge
  • Apply the liquid or paste of mapei to the grout joints
  • Take that grout brush and spread that paste all over the joint properly
  • Wait for 30-60 minutes and let it be dry
  • Now moisten that area with water and a cloth
  • Remove the extra and extent liquid using a scrub pad
  • Now let the floor be dry and that’s it you’re done now
  • Are Mapei grouts refreshed any good?

Of course, Mapei Grouts Refresh has lots of advantages to tell. The reason for their goodness is, they will protect the floor from oil and water-based stains. In fact, you can use it to make your floor colorful and attractive. Also, it protects the grout from ruin or peeling out. Overall, there has been lots of good mapei grout refresh.

Which types of tiles and grouts, I can apply mapei grout refresh?

Well, there are some limitations to using the applying mapei grout refresh. Not every tile and grout comes with suitability with universal grout colorant and sealer. Probably, you can apply the Mapei grout refresh on the ceramic, granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and slate types of tiles and grouts.

Is Mapei grout refresh affordable?

Indeed, it’s a little bit tough to tell you about the affordability of Mapei grout refresh. Some of the Mapei grout refreshes are extremely affordable and some come to a little average price. Therefore, you can find your chosen colorant and sealer quite effortlessly at a reasonable price.

Final Verdicts

I’m in the finishing line of Mapei grout refresh reviews. You might already completed obtaining Mapei Ultrarare grout refresh reviews and other Mapei grout reviews.

Ordinarily, these are the most demandable and effective colorant sealers you could ever have. The user experience is quite positive it has. There are highly recommended Mapei grout refreshers from experts and grout workers.

Eventually, I think I’m able to deliver some crucial and beneficial information about this colorant and sealer liquid. In conclusion, don’t forget to support me and keep staying with us. Now you have to consider which mapei grout refresh will suit your floor tile and grout.