How to Use a Teapot on the Stovetop (Step by Step Guide)

How to Use a Teapot on the stovetop

From the very beginning of the world, our ancestors have been fond of tea. And this is where the teapot came into the conversation. From regular teapots to whistle ones, there are a lot of variations in the design. However, they all do the same work!

People now use tea kettles on the stove because it is easier to make tea when there are a lot of guests. However, many of them don’t know how to use a teapot properly.

So today, we will discuss the right way to use a tea kettle without making it complicated.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Teapot Like a Pro

For using a tea kettle on a gas stove, take specific measures so that you get your work done without any accidents. Let us know how to use a teapot on a stove.

Step 1: Pour Water

If you are confused about how to use a teapot on the stovetop, this can help you! First of all, you have to pour water inside the teapot. If you are careful, we recommend you use filtered water inside the pot.

Tap water includes minerals that can harm your body. Now, fill the tea kettle properly. You might want to fill half of the teapot but trust us: this can be harmful to both your teapot and the stovetop.

In most cases, if the water is not full, the heat will not be distributed evenly. And with the uneven heat distribution, the teapot can be overheated. Also, it can burn or melt if you heat it at a high temperature. Stick to filling it up properly.

Step 2: Set the Fire

Once you are done filling the kettle, you have to put the pot on the stove. The electric tea kettle works with the cord.

All you need to do is plug it in to turn it on. However, this teapot for the stove will not be the same as the electric one. You have to put it on the stove and turn the stove on to heat it.

Step 3: Wait for it to Boil

Now, it is time to wait for the water to get heated. Let the water be at the right temperature so that you can go to the next step.

Usually, the teapots don’t require a lot of time to get heated. You can turn on your favorite music or do some dishwashing and soon the water will be at the right temperature.

Step 4: Hold the Teapot

Once the teapot has reached its right temperature, you can take it off. All you have to do is hold the tea kettle carefully. The teapots of these days come with heat-resistant covering.

However, some of the old teapots don’t include this facility. Here, you can rely on the potholder. Hold the potholder properly and get the grip of the teapot.

Beforehand, turn off the stove. So do not take the teakettle off the stove before turning off the stove. With electric teapots, this is easy because it usually turns off automatically. However, regular teapots require caution.

Step 5: Add Tea Leaves

Bow you want to add some tea leaves in a pot and pour the water from the teakettle into the pot. Here, you might burn your fingers because the water will be hot.

It is better to wear gloves when you work with heated materials. Certify that you have kept your hands along with the face away from the water.

There can be steam burns from the steam too. Here, keep your skin safe from the sprout so that you do not get steam burns,

Step 6: Complete the Mixing

Now you can easily steep the tea the way you do. If you don’t know the process, you can check your tea package to learn more.

You can add some sweetener to it. Some people love to add a bit of lemon juice to make it taste better. Now you can enjoy your teapot tea with no complications!

Teapot and Induction Stovetop

Teapot and Induction Stovetop

There are always questions on the induction stovetops and teapots. Most times, people think it is not a good plan to use teapots on an induction stovetop. The problem is more complicated when it comes to glass stoves.

Glass stovetops are not convenient with teapots, they say. Yes, it is partially true. Not all the teapots will go with the glass stovetop. However, make sure that the teapot you are using matches the standard of the glass body of your stove.

For this, you have to know about the teapot materials that work on glass stoves. It is always better to settle for the stainless steel kettles. You can pick up the anodized aluminum teapots too.

If you have aluminum, copper cast iron, ceramic, or titanium teapots, you can easily use them on the stovetop having a glass body. Here, keep in mind that the temperatures for the different materials will be different.

So, it is better to keep the flame on medium so that you can know how much time it takes for your teapot to boil water for a perfect cup of tea.

Pro Tips for Using Teapot on Stove

  • Whistle tea kettles are the best choice as it doesn’t ruin the stove
  • For the first several times, try to stay around the stove when you heat the water to know the right time it gets boiled
  • Never place an empty teapot on a switched-on glass stove
  • It is a better idea not to put the teapot on the stove with the tea leaves
  • Too much heat will evaporate the water, keep the flame to medium


Wrap Up

So, you already learned how to use a teapot on the stove. No matter what stove you are using, if you have the right tea kettle material, you can make tea in it by following the above-mentioned method.

Let us know how you make your tea in a teapot. Do you use the leaves inside the boiling water or use it later? Share it with us!

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