How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water?

The faucet is one of the most significant parts of your kitchen. Similarly, it expresses the aesthetic mindset of the house owner as well. Buying a kitchen faucet can be tricky at times. Because if you only consider how it looks, then you are going to face trouble regarding the performance.

As it gets used thousands of times daily, it should be durable. You cannot just go and buy a random faucet. You need to consider multiple factors while buying a faucet. If you are also looking for some tips on how to choose a kitchen faucet for hard water, then go through the article.

Here you will get to know how to choose the best kitchen faucet and how to use it properly. However, durability and functionality should be the utmost priority while buying this.

How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water?

Know Kitchen Faucets Well

How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water?

Your level of knowledge about kitchen faucets and the blend of your taste will influence the purchase. So, you need to have at least some basic ideas about these four things. The knowledge will help you decide what you need.

  • Configuration
  • Style
  • Construction
  • finish


The configuration of a kitchen faucet consists of the number of handles, spout structure, mounting style, ETC. Before purchasing, you have to decide whether you will buy a single-lever or a two-handle faucet. Two-handled faucets come up with the facility to get hot and cold water through each handle.

On the other hand, a single lever faucet finishes the operation through the use of the lever. Well, the associated plumbing locations will depend on how the faucet is mounted.


The aesthetic design and the functionality of the faucets refer to style. Most people consider this factor as the primary quality of a Faucet. A general tendency while buying faucets is to look at the style of the Faucet. The features include the spout design, lever locations, surface smoothness, etc.


The construction of a faucet comprises the materials it comes from, valve type, and the way the manufacturer made it. Well, this is what makes a Faucet perform better. Moreover, the durability of a faucet depends on this.

Usually, the kitchen sink faucets are made of stainless steel, plastics, or brass. However, the brass or steel faucets last longer than the plastic made faucets.

The brass faucet has two categories: cast and tubular. And valves are of four types: ball, cartridge, ceramic disk, and compression.


Finishing means the look of the faucets we see. The surface level coating makes it smoother and shiny. The purpose of this coating is to provide both an aesthetic look and protection. Finishing can be of different kinds. They may include brushed nickel, chrome, hand-rubbed bronze, bronze, brass, stainless steel, or others.

Well, these are the basic ideas of the kitchen faucet. If you are still wondering how to choose the kitchen faucet, let me tell you one thing. Without knowing the faucets fully, you cannot buy the best one for you. When you go for buying, look at these things and consider the factors below: especially when you buy it for hard water.

Factors to Consider for How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water?

Besides style, look, and finishing, you have to keep some other factors into consideration. Let’s dive into those key factors.


Yes, looks are crucial, but not everything. You can buy the best looking faucets without compromising the major factor, like durability and convenience. Durability should be the priority while buying a kitchen faucet.

Because a faucet is used the whole day. And hard water can damage a weak faucet faster. If it is not durable enough, you have to buy it again and again. So keep this factor in mind when you buy a kitchen faucet.


Filters play a vital role in clearing hard water from the minerals it contains. Therefore, the water doesn’t create any stains. No matter which faucets you go for, always buy the one with the best filter. Otherwise, the minerals of hard water can cause stains and buildups.

As far as the filter is concerned, a single-handle faucet proves better than multiple ones. Do not forget to make sure of a high-quality filter on your kitchen faucet.

Soap Dispenser

Some kitchen faucets come up with a soap dispenser. I think this is not a bad idea to come up with. You can use dish soap, softener, or hand soap to fill it. Thus, you can establish hygiene in your kitchen room. The difference between the kitchen faucet and a soap dispenser is clear.

You can easily understand which is better for your health. The soap dispenser will make your family members wash their hands with soap, which will ensure hygiene in your family as well.

Faucet Design

How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water?

As I said earlier, you can go for a good-looking faucet in your kitchen after considering other main issues. Once you have selected several durable, functioning, and convenient faucets, now choose the best design among these. A stylish faucet can increase the overall appearance of your kitchen. As a result, it will influence your mood well. Your work will be smoother and easier.


Well, this is one of the most crucial parts of the faucet buying decisions. You have to find out which material was used to make the faucet. As you are buying a faucet for hard water, this is a vital part to ponder upon. Some materials are there which seem weak in front of hard water. Those faucets cannot stand the flow of hard water.

So, your faucet material must have the endurance of hard water. Choose the one with strong materials.


Sometimes we don’t pay much attention to this. Check the quality of the sealing to the kitchen faucet. A good quality sealing of the faucet can save it from the damage of hard water. Apart from the material construction of the faucet, look for high-quality coating. Moreover, the sealing can make the faucet look.

The Sprayer

A faucet sprayer can ensure the flexibility of the faucet. A great sprayer should cover the whole sink and do its job properly. You will find some faucets with a fixed sprayer. In that case, pull out and try several sprayers to find out the best fit for your kitchen. Make sure your faucet sprayer fits well with the kitchen sink.


Kitchen faucets may have single or multiple handles. Whatever faucet you choose, go for the one that is more comfortable for you. Ultimately, you are the one who is going to use this. If you need hot water and normal water at the same time, I think multiple handle faucets will be the best option. Well, there is another option called a touchless kitchen faucet. It has also gained popularity over the years.

Mounting holes

The mounting of the kitchen faucet is a significant issue for any kitchen. First, determine where you will mount the faucet. Thus you can avoid compatibility problems. For hard waters, you will find mostly deck and wall-mounted faucets. Before you purchase a kitchen faucet, make sure of the number of holes you need.


The size of your sink should complement the size of the faucet. If you buy a large faucet that doesn’t match with sink size, it may overpower this small sink. On the other hand, a small faucet will reach a big sink properly. So, I suggest you compare the faucet and sink sizes. Then go for a perfect matching faucet.


Last but not least. Money is a crucial issue for everyone. You cannot just spend money on a less quality product. Similarly, you cannot be stingy when you find a perfect faucet for your kitchen. Simply, the high quality, strong material, durable, complex-featured faucets will cost you more.

However, there are lots of brands selling good quality faucets at an affordable price. While buying a faucet for your kitchen, consider this crucial factor.


What is the benefit of using a kitchen faucet for hard water?

Answer: It prevents water residues, stains, and rust of hard water, reduces damages, etc.

How to install a kitchen faucet?

The steps are as follows:

  • Clearing the area under the sink
  • Turning the water flow off.
  • Disconnecting water lines
  • Removing old faucets if applicable
  • Determine your needs
  • Choose new faucets
  • Fix the faucets as your need
  • Connect water supply lines
  • Install the sprayer
  • Turn the water on
  • Flush the lines

Which faucet is perfect for me?

Answer: Faucets come up with multiple designs, styles, and qualities. According to your needs and budget, buy the one that suits your kitchen the most.

The Final Touch

Well, the answer to the question of how to choose a kitchen faucet lies mostly in your need. You will choose the one that meets your needs well. Keeping that in mind, you can go for a perfect kitchen faucet.

Multiple brands are selling faucets of numerous designs and styles. Pick any one of those but focus on functionality, convenience, and durability more than the style and design.