How to Pick the Best Sharpener for Benchmade Knives in 2023

Every human-made thing I use needs maintenance, whether it is a car a plane, or your kitchen knife. Because there are some forces that nature has created, such as friction, which causes things to wear out. And unluckily for us, it also causes our knives to wear off and get dull after a short while. Because knives move through different materials, they lose their sharpness.

Whether it is a kitchen knife or your favorite Benchmade hunting knife, they all need sharpening. And for that reason, you need a sharpener that gets this job done for you. Especially if you have Benchmade knives at your home, then there will be a need for the best sharpener for Benchmade knives.

Here Is The List of The Top 5 Best Sharpeners for Benchmade knives

So here I compiled a list of the 5 best knife sharpeners for Benchmade knives that will help you to properly maintain your knife.

This time I will jump for the best knife sharpening system for beginners and after reading the details episode I will choose our best one.

1. F Benchmade Guided Field Sharpener

F Benchmade guided field sharpener is a portable sharpener that is usable at any slice and cut tool.

Top Product Features:

  • Quality: The overall quality of the sharpener is a sturdy and excellent design. Plastic materials make the product lighter. You will have no issue in the pivot area of this folding sharpening system.
  • Portable Size: The sharpener’s size is slim and shorter enough that it can easily fit in your pocket clip.
  • Design: I made A design that will fit easily with the knife’s big teeth. The user will put the blade where they need teeth and rub it forth and back; They will create the teeth.

Top Product Benefits:

  • Design for: Different tools F Benchmade can quickly sharpen and can be enjoyable for anyone. But something specially designed it for stay-at-home parent, hunters, and also fish hook.
  • Rods: They offer dual ceramic rods that can fit in most of the serration sizes.
  • Use: The decent design makes the use of the product easier for users.


  • Looks great.
  • Easy care.
  • Lightweight.


  • Bit expensive.

2. Work Sharp Guided Field sharpener

The work sharp guided field sharpener is the best complete knife sharpener with zero maintenance that will keep your knife edge sharp.

Top Product Features:

  • Design: Attractive design, to perform quick and easy work, the product strop is manufactured from leather, providing ceramic rods and diamond plates.
  • Sharpness: Best in sharpening, they provide two diamond plates for sharpening. It will quickly sharpen your scissors, broadhead arrows, and axes.
  • Made: the American company manufactures The product “Work Sharp.”

Top Benefits:

  • Durable and Compact: This tool will maintain your knife while camping, fishing, hunting, and all those places where a sharp edge retention.
  • Easy to Use: The Work Sharp guided field sharpener is very easy to use even if it doesn’t require any other tool or assembling.
  • Warranty: The limited lifetime warranty covers only consumer use, not commercial or industrial use.


  • All-round tool.
  • Replaceable plates.
  • Portable and compact.


  • For hands, they provide little grip.

3. Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System

The work sharpening system is also manufactured by work sharp knife, and it is the complete solution of sharpening for every type of knife.

Top Features:

  • Design: The sharpening system has an old science design which is not much changed. But the system has two unique features which make this design outstanding. The first one, the product, has used pivot-response technology and the other one is angled guides that will allow you to check the blade’s sharpness.
  • Sharpness: Through this system, you can easily sharpen 8 to 10 knives perfectly in an hour. It will convert your old knife blade into brand new.

Top Benefits:

  • Maintenance: This product is very easy to maintain because of the diamond plates and ceramic rods combination.
  • Use: The pivot response technology will allow you to use a sharpener for straight and curved blades.


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Angles guides.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not including the upgrade kit.

4. WARSUN Electric Knife Sharpener

WARSUN electric knife sharpener is especially for house kitchens that will perform safe and easy work.

Top Product Features;

  • Design: Through the Warsun knife sharpener, the flat edges knives can be easily and quickly sharp in your kitchen.
  • 3 Stages for sharpening: In these three stages, you can easily select the mode of thick hunting knives, medium chef knives, and standard kitchen knives.

Top Benefits:

  • Non-slip feet: This ensures that the tool will not move or slide when you are using it.
  • Safe to use: In the knife sharpener, the grinding stone is inside a case that will protect your fingers from injuries.
  • Easy cleanup: For easy cleaning and maintenance, they provide a removable magnet catch of all-around metal shavings.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Perfectly sharp knives
  • Pretty small size


  • Only one side works

5. Knife Sharpening Stone Kit Professional Whetstone Sharpener

All the essential tools that are important for sharpness are available in Knife Sharpening Stones Kit. This is a complete tool kit that will save you time and money and give you the perfect sharpness.

Top Product Features;

  • Quality: The sharpener whetstone has high-grade white corundum. It will provide great and quick results, even if you are sharpening a knife for the first time.
  • About the kit: Available with all the tools sharpening. For dull knives, they provide 400/1000 grit water stone, Non-slip bamboo that keeps the stone in one place, refine the edge, they provide 3000/8000 grit water stone and remove the burr, leather strop, and angle guide.

Top Benefits:

  • Multifunctional: The sharpening stone kit you can use for multiple purposes. You can easily sharpen any knife through this sharpener, such as hunting knives, resin knives, axes, sushi knives, scissors, Victorinox knives, tac force, etc.
  • Durable; Before shipping, the product’s durability and functionality have a third inspection company certification.


  • Everything for sharpness.
  • Great variety of grits.
  • Well-made leather strop.


  • Come with a lot of minor components that can easily be misplaced.

How to Choose The Best Benchmade Sharpener Knives for You

Best Sharpener for Benchmade Knives

Down below, you will find all the things you should consider before buying the best knife sharpener for Benchmade knives.

  •  A compact or large knife sharpener; When you are looking to buy a knife sharpener, you should know what you are looking for. Because there are so many products available in the market for various purposes. So if you are a hunter or someone who wants to sharpen the knife on the go, look for a compact sharpener. And if you are a person who wants it for a kitchen, you can go for the other options.
  • The angle guide of the sharpener: Once you have chosen the right type for yourself, you now have to look for the sharpener’s angle guides. A good sharpener should have angled guides on it. Because the angle guides are the single, most crucial thing that will help you sharpen the knife at the right angle. If a knife sharpening tool does not have angle guides (except a sharpening stone), you will have a tough time sharpening your knife at the right angles. The best tip to sharpen your knife is somewhere between 15 degrees and 20 degrees. So always look for a sharpener that falls in that category.
  • Removable/ flippable plates; If you have chosen a compact sharpener for yourself, make sure that it has flippable or removable diamond plates. Because the diamond plate faces outside all the time, it may damage your pocket knives or the little bag you put into. If you put it in a bad alongside other things, it might cause some damage to them. So it is safe to have one that can flip the plates.
  • The number of slots; The number of sharpening slots directly translates to the number of sharpening options you will get from a sharpener. Different sharpening slots you can use for various purposes. So you can use them according to your needs. These slots take care of the amount of metal that comes off when you use a particular one. So always look for a product that has at least two different slots.
  • Electric or Manual; And this one very much depends upon the time you have for sharpening your knife. Because all the sharpeners can sharpen, the electric sharpener can save you time. So if you are someone who values time and does not want to put effort into sharpening a knife, go for an electric one. And if you are someone who enjoys camping and stays in the wild, a manual sharpener would be best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I know that my knife needs sharpening?

A straightforward way to do that is by sliding the knife down your nail. If it skates down without getting stuck in the nail, it is probably not sharp enough. 

And the other way to find out is by facing the knife edge up and looking at it from above. And if you see some shine on the very edge, then your knife needs a bit of sharpening.

What is the best angle to sharpen a knife?

Different knife sharpeners come with varying angles of sharpening. But the best angle to sharpen a knife is somewhere between 17-degree to 20-degree because that will ensure the best performance and durability.

Why does my knife get dull after a few days?

There can be plenty of reasons for the knife to get dull. Some of the common causes are below.

Bad cutting board

Harmful cutting board materials such as glass and bamboo are among the leading causes of knives getting dull. They don’t suit with the knife and cause a knife to lose its sharpness.

Tough materials being cut

The other reason for a knife getting dull time after time is the toughness of the cutting material. If you are using your knife to cut lean meat, that can reduce your knife’s sharpness. Because bones are tough and hard to cut through, so your knife gets dull while cutting them.

Is Benchmade better than Spyderco?

Spyderco and Benchmade are both competitor brands in the manufacturing of knife fields. Both are well-known brands for their premium quality blades, and they have trustworthy customers. However, there are specific differences in both the brand’s products.

For instance, you will find many price options for the Spyderco knives compared to the Benchmade. Most knives from Benchmade you will get in a higher range of price.

Furthermore, Benchmade is famous for using high-quality materials for its knives, and Spyderco is renowned for its latest technology. In Benchmade, you will find premium quality knives, mostly. However, Spyderco also has an extensive range of simple knives.


It is a common saying that dull knives are dangerous to use. So it is always a good idea to take care of the proper sharpening and maintenance of your knives.

A sharp knife also makes your work much faster and easier than a dull knife. If you have Benchmade knives, then you know that they require proper maintenance after some time.

So the best solution is the best Benchmade sharpener. I compiled a list of some best knife sharpeners here.

All of our recommended sharpeners offer high quality and durability. So it would be best if you choose from our best-recommended list for a better experience of sharpening.