Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet Set Review

Bed covers are some things we use every day. Do you know why we need to buy good bed sheets? The main importance is that it’ll make you feel comfortable and give you a sound sleep.

In addition to that, if you buy a stylish-looking one, that’d be a bonus. Because it’ll boost the look of your room. Isn’t this great?

So, are you looking for a stylish and comfortable bed to cover your bed? Need a suggestion? I’ll be happy to give you a name on it. Since you’re at it, take a look at the Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet Set.

You can learn more about Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet from Amazon directly or if you want a full review, then keep reading this article till the end.

In this article, I’ll be giving you a full detailed Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet Set review so that you can judge yourself if you’re going to buy it or not.

Mellanni Queen Bed Sheet Set

Best Choice
Mellanni Queen Bed Sheet Set
Product Specification:
  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎11.18 x 9.8 x 3.58 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎2.9 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Mellanni
  • Item Model Number: SYNCHKG126503

Mellanni is one of the most popular brands for manufacturing top-quality bed sheets. They’re also very popular because their bed sheets are very elegant, luxurious, and comfortable.

To upgrade the quality of their products and make them super soft, they use 100% double-brushed microfibers or premium quality Egyptian Cotton.

The manufacturers made Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet out of double-brushed microfibers. It’s way softer because of its exceptionally high thread count.

The bedsheet is manufactured in such a way that you will feel cooler on hot days and hotter in cold environments.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Review: Specifications

mellanni sheets review

Before getting to the main detailed review, you should know the specifications of the Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet and some other minor details concerning it.


You can get this bedsheet set in 44 different colors. The prominent. The most popular ones are grey, grey, light blue, white, violet, persimmon, olive green, and so on.


Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet is available for every size of the bed. Starting from different versions of twin beds to every version of the king-sized bed.


This bed sheet is made from microfiber, that is, a hundred percent of the sheet is made of polyester.

Number of Pieces in Set:

There are 3 to 4 pieces of items in a standard Mellanni Bed Sheet set. It contains flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases in common. It may contain other additional items as the setting requires.

Package Dimensions:

The bed Sheet Set comes on a cardboard box with dimensions of 10.79” x 9.76” x 3.78”.

Flat Sheet Size:

The size or dimension of the flat sheet of the twin bed is 66 inches x 96 inches. This proportion changes with the size of the bed.

Fitted Sheet Size:

For a twin bed, the fitted sheet has (L x B) of 39 x 75 inches.

Size of the Pillow Cases:

The length and breadth of the pillowcases are comparatively greater, that is, 20” x 30”. So, you can fill it with a pillow of any size.

Thread Count:

The thread count of this bedsheet fabric is 1800.


The Mellanni take pride in their work. So, they’ll provide you with a lifetime warranty. If you don’t feel satisfied with the sheets, you can ask for a replacement without asking any questions. And you don’t even have to return the previous set.

Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet set

Components of the Box

When you’ll purchase the Mellanni Striped Bedsheet Set, they’ll send you a complete box. In them, you’ll find some common items. Such as

  • One flat sheet
  • One fitted sheet
  • One pillowcase

Considering the other sizes of the bed, you might get some other extra pieces like an extra sheet or pillowcase.

Mellanni 100% cotton bed sheet

So far, you know about Mellanni, the specifications of the Striped Bed Sheet, and what comes with it. Now, let us see details on what Mellanni offers you with their Striped Bed Sheet.

The Sheet Material and Its Thread Count:

I already mentioned the material of this bed sheet set in the specification section that the Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet Set is made up of 100% polyester, that is, double-brushed microfibers.

But what are double-brushed microfibers? What does it signify?

Microfibers are a kind of synthetic fiber made of thin and fine polyester threads. These microfibers are so thin that their thickness is not only less than a hair but also less than a fine silk thread.

After the fiber threads are made, they’re polished again making them more durable and soft. Double brushing just means that they’ve polished the microfibers twice.

Cotton is well-known as a bed sheet material. But these microfiber bedsheets not only perform similarly to cotton sheets but also they’re more durable.

The only downside to them is that they’re not biodegradable and they’re flammable. So, beware of any fire accidents.

Now, if we discuss its thread count, it has that count of 1800 fibers. Normally, the fiber count doesn’t extend to 600.

But in the case of polyester, since it’s way thinner than cotton, the more this thread count is, the better quality the bed sheet has. 1800 is pretty high to be the perfect bed cover to make it more durable and comfortable.

The Sheet Fabric Texture:

The texture denotes how the fabric feels against your skin. This means that the texture will tell you how smooth or rough the sheet is.

Because of the extra high thread count, the Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet Set feels very smooth. So, you can rest assured that you’ll have a proper rest when you’re resting on this amazing sheet set.

When you’ll start using this Sheet Set, I’m sure you’ll have a great experience as it is really easy to cozy up on these sheets. Moreover, these sheets are not only soft and smooth but also durable. They will last way longer than any cotton bedsheet while giving you the same comfort level.

Some Other Significant Features:

mellanni bed sheet set

  • The deep pocket design of these striped sheets can fit perfectly around even 16 inches of the bedsheet.
  • There are elastic all around the fitted sheet so that it can cover up the bed sheet fully without leaving and open spaces.
  • The maintenance of this bedsheet is very easy. No matter how much you wash, it’ll not lose its color, get shrunk, or wrinkled. Moreover, it also resists stains which makes it more convenient to use.
  • You can rest well on this sheet as it ensures proper air circulation. This allows you to feel cooler on hotter days or nights, and hot on cold nights or days.
  • There is a huge collection of colors and sizes for this bed sheet set. You can select any design or color that suits your room the most. Moreover, you can find a bed sheet set for your bed of any size.

You can find versions of Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet Set twin bed, twin XL, extra deep pocket – full, Be it a twin bed, twin XL, extra deep pocket – full, full, queen, extra deep pocket–queen, king, California king, extra deep pocket – California king, extra deep pocket – king, and split king set.

  • It is the most compatible bed sheet for any room of your house, like your bedroom, your kids’ room, RVs, or vacation home. This set also makes a great gift for your loved ones for any occasion.
  • You can wash this bedsheet on a washing machine, unlike cotton. After washing, it also dries up quickly. So, it has undoubtedly easy maintenance.
  • Mellanni is so assured of their bed sheet’s quality and durability that they’ve even given you a lifetime of warranty. If you have any complaints about the bed cover set, they will send you a new bed cover set without even asking any questions twice. After sending you a new one, they won’t take the previous one back.
  • The pillowcases that come with the set are a bit bigger. The best fact about it is that you can use a pillow of any size with the bed sheet cause it can fit any sized pillow. So, if you’re used to using bigger pillows, you don’t have to switch to another pillowcase resulting in a mismatched bed sheet and pillowcase.

Mellanni Bed Sheet: Advantages and Disadvantages

No matter how great a product may be, it always has special advantages or disadvantages, a good side, and a bad side, which decides whether you’ll be buying that product or not.

The case of the Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet is no different. There are some good things about this bed sheet set just as it has its downsides.

Good Parts of Mellanni Bed Sheet:

  • The price of these sheets is exceptionally low. You won’t find such good sheets with such a low price range.
  • The sheets will be softer after one wash. So, it will be more comfortable because of the unbelievable smoothness and softness of the sheets after washing.
  • The deep pockets of the fitted sheets are extra long. There is enough room if you ever decide to use an extra mattress. It can back you up for another mattress as well.
  • Even after washing it a few times, it will not look worn out or old. You can still see the covers to be just as it was when you bought it home, that is, they hold their “brand new” polished look even after several washes.
  • The sheets are so thin that you can practically “see-through” them while holding them. That’s where their softness and smoothness come in.
  • They are the best-selling on Amazon with a rating of over 4.5 which is very significant as there were almost twenty thousand reviews.
  • The customer service of Mellanni is amazing! You would be very inclined to buy these sheets again and again because not only their product is worthy of repeated purchase, but also the customer service.
  • This bed sheet set has a variety of colors and designs to choose from. So, no matter what design your room as you’ll always find the appropriate bed sheet design matching your room.

Common Downside of Using Mellanni Bed Sheet:

  • The polyester microfibers are not biodegradable. Even though this proves its durability, it’s harmful to the environment as you cannot dispose of it properly. It will not degrade even after a long time.
  • The microfibers are made of polyester. This is a pyrophoric substance. In other words, it is easily flammable. So, if you ever have an accident caused by a fire, this bedsheet, on contact, will only burn quickly and increase the fire intensity. So, be careful while handling fiery substances around it.
  • Sometimes there might be industrial faults on the sheets, like having spots on pillowcases that will not go away even after washing.
  • There is a promised satin ribbon lining on top of the pillowcases. That is good and all, but these linings are not on top of the bedsheet. This results in the non-uniform proportions of design between the pillowcase and the bed cover.

Final Verdict

I’ve shown you all the facts about the set in this Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet Set Review. Since you’re here now, that means you’ve read the whole review. So, what do you think now? Are you convinced to try this bed sheet out?

If it were me, I’d recommend this Bed Sheet for you to use. Moreover, even if you’re not a big fan of microfibers, you can still try it out because it won’t cost you a fortune and I’d say it’s worth a try.